How Do I Choose the Best Laxative for Babies?

Jennifer Leigh

Babies occasionally experience digestive problems, including constipation, but since babies have extremely sensitive systems, it is necessary to choose a laxative works in a gentle way. There are many natural remedies that can be used for this problem, so you should attempt to choose between a variety of natural formulas first. Speaking with your physician is also a good way to make a decision about the best laxative for babies, as he or she can recommend a variety of solutions to the problem based upon his or her training and experience. Experimenting with a baby's diet can also work as a laxative, as can performing simple exercises to help with constipation. The decision on which method to choose depends on the amount of time available, as well as the natural remedies that you have on hand.

Prunes are an effective natural laxative.
Prunes are an effective natural laxative.

Constipation is often a problem when a baby's diet suddenly changes due to the introduction of new foods or liquids. You can introduce natural substances into a baby's diet at this time, such as apple or prune juice, to help decrease the constipation that the baby is experiencing. If you are switching your baby to a solid diet, you can add foods such as prunes, spinach, pears, and peaches, which can work as a natural laxative for babies. You can try any of these methods, as they are not harmful for babies, and then base your choices on their efficiency and how the baby responds to them. Choosing foods and drinks that the baby enjoys eating or drinking will help ensure that the nutrients and fiber enter into the baby's system properly.

A warm bath can have a laxative effect on babies.
A warm bath can have a laxative effect on babies.

It is important to stay in contact with a physician when making changes to a baby's diet, particularly if you notice that the baby is constipated. Talking with your physician can help you choose new items that work as a laxative for babies, as your physician is familiar with this problem and can provide many recommendations. This is the best way to make a decision, because of the expertise the physician has in the areas of healing and medicine.

Certain exercises also work as a laxative for babies, so you can choose this option if you do not have time to go shopping for new food ingredients. This includes lying the baby on his or her back and gently rotating his or her legs in the air. A warm bath can also work as an effective laxative for babies, especially if the baby is experiencing constipation due to environmental stress.

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@SarahGen-- How old is your son?

My son had the same problem and we used to give him glycerin suppositories from seven months onward.

Glycerin suppositories (the bullet shaped solid ones) are safe for most children. They help the bowels get going. You might want to double check with your pediatrician if your son is younger though.

I think you should also try a different formula. He might have an allergy to it which might be causing digestive trouble.

@SarahGen-- Try giving warm water. Boil some water and let it sit until it's cooled down. It shouldn't be hot, it should be warm.

I also suggest doing warm oil massages (concentrating on the abdomen) every day followed by a warm bath. These did wonders for my daughter's constipation.

My little one is not on solid foods yet, just milk and formula. He's had trouble with bowel movements for the past four days. He goes every other day and cries from cramping and gas.

What can I do?

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