How do I Choose the Best Lawn Mower Trailer?

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The most important considerations when choosing the best lawn mower trailer are size and functionality; choose the lawn mower trailer that will work best with your mower and for your needs while considering how large of a trailer your mower can handle. Be sure the lawn mower trailer is constructed from strong materials, and avoid thin plastic trailers for larger jobs. Consider how much weight you will be putting in the trailer and be sure the axle, tires, wheels, and bed of the trailer can handle the weight. Most importantly, be sure the trailer features a hitch system that will work with your lawn mower.

Some lightweight lawn mower trailer models are made from inexpensive and flimsy plastic. These trailers are not necessarily a bad choice, but you will need to first consider how much weight you plan on putting in the trailer and how regularly you plan to use it. Thinner plastic trailers are good for light jobs and occasional jobs, but for consistent, heavy-duty use, they will not cut it. Choose a trailer that is constructed from a durable metal such as steel, and be sure the wheels and axles are also made of strong metals. Check all the welds of the trailer to make sure they are full welds rather than tack welds, which only cover part of a joint.


Not all lawn mower trailer units will attach to the lawn mower the same way. Be sure the trailer you choose will work with the hitch system your lawn mower features. If it does not, find out if there is a way to connect the trailer to your mower safely and effectively; sometimes adapters are available. The trailer must be attached to the mower securely, otherwise it may disconnect during use, leading to injuries, or at the very least, headaches and extra work.

For some jobs, a trailer with a drop-down gate is the best choice. Such trailers allow the back end of the trailer to be opened so larger, heavier objects can be loaded into the trailer easily. Look for a trailer with a gate made from high quality materials, and ensure the hinge system the gate uses is durable and easy to operate. Also consider a trailer with an unloading system; the entire bed of the trailer can be hinged to tilt downward, making unloading of materials much easier. If you plan on loading and unloading large amounts of dirt, rock, or even grass clippings or yard waste, this option may be your best bet.


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