How do I Choose the Best Lawn Mower Ramp?

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The best lawn mower ramp will vary according to your budget, intended use for the ramp, and the size and weight of the machinery being transported over the ramp. For some people, simple wood planks may do the trick, while others may need a heavy-duty metal lawn mower ramp that can handle the weight of larger mowers. Still others may need a lightweight ramp that can be stowed easily in a truck bed. Each one of these applications will require a different type of lawn mower ramp, so you should first decide how you will be using the ramp before purchasing.

If you are purchasing a lawn mower ramp to get your mower into the back of a truck, you may need a longer ramp than if you were putting the mower into a trailer that is lower to the ground. Choosing the right size of lawn mower ramp will make the transport of the mower into the truck bed much easier. For such applications, choose a ramp that is heavy-duty enough to support the weight of the mower but light enough to be picked up and stowed in the truck bed after the mower has been put into place.


Some lawn mower ramp designs are one-piece ramps, while others consist of two long planks. These planks can be made from wood and purchased cheaply from a lumberyard, or they may be made of aluminum for ease of transport and storage. Aluminum and wood ramps are good choices for lighter mowers and mowers with four wheels equally spaced apart; the planks can be lined up with the wheels so the mower can easily roll over the ramps. If your mower does not have four wheels equally spaced — similar to the pattern of automobile wheels — you may have difficulty with this ramp design. Choose instead a ramp that is one piece and wide enough to accommodate the width of the mower.

Many ramps feature lips that both sit on the edge of the truck bed, and on the other end that create a smooth transition between the ground and the ramp itself. These lips are handy, especially for mowers with smaller wheels that may get caught in gaps between the ramp and the ground or the ramp and the truck bed. These lips also help to secure the ramps in place so they do not slide while you are loading the mower. Look for ramps that feature these lips at either end for ease of use and safety.


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