How Do I Choose the Best Lawn Mower Handles?

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To choose the best lawn mower handles, you must consider several factors. Proper hand fitment, height and strength are just a few of the factors that go into choosing the best lawn mower handles for any given purpose. Whether installed on a self-propelled model or a common push mower, the proper lawn mower handles can make the difference between a painful chore and a comfortable lawn mowing experience. The best handles will offer comfort, control and well-placed mower control that fits the user's hands and body configuration to make pushing the lawn mower less strenuous.

The positioning of the lawn mower handles relative to the user's body size is pivotal in being considered the best handle for the application; after all, a handle that is too tall or too short can be painful on the operator. Due to the stress mowing places on the lower back, neck and shoulders, the lawn mower handles must fit the user at just below the chest. This allows you to apply pressure and push the mower without causing discomfort and pain. Similar to opening a stuck jar lid, the greatest strength from the average human body comes at just below chest level.


The best handles fit the user's grip fully and are not created with a small diameter tubing. Small-diameter handles allow the user's hands to develop blisters and cause forearm fatigue from excessively squeezing the small grip. Conversely, lawn mower handles that are too fat can cause the user's hands to tire, and the wrist will also become tired from exerting too much stress and pressure on the palm of the hand and the fingers. The best lawn mower handles utilize a small- to medium-diameter tubing coupled with larger foam or rubber grips that fit the hand comfortably. This style of handle prevents strain on the hands and forearms, as well as eliminates the danger of a sweat-related slippage, which could injure the user.

Many modern push lawn mowers use a separate control bar that is held in place by the user's hands. Failure to keep this bar held in place will cause the motor to stop running. The best lawn mower handles incorporate a grove for the bar to fit into when in the operating position. While in this groove, the bar is not putting pressure on the user's hands. Lesser-quality lawn mower handles provide no such groove and the bar often creates blisters and even pinches smaller hands as it opens and closes with the user's hand movements while mowing.


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