How do I Choose the Best Lawn Mower Blade Grinder?

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A lawn mower blade grinder can help you extend the life of your lawnmower blades, especially if you are a commercial lawn maintenance business owner. These units are generally mounted on a tabletop, as they are quite heavy in most cases. The best lawn mower blade grinder will feature a large grinding wheel that is powered by a good-sized motor that can help grind the blade quickly and precisely. Be sure to choose a lawn mower blade grinder that is sufficiently adjustable, affordable, and convenient. Look for a unit with appropriate safety features as well.

Some lawn mower blade grinder models feature a grit collector, which is essentially a large metal hood that keeps metal shavings and other debris from flying away from the grinder and striking bystanders. This is a good safety investment, especially if the lawn mower blade grinder will be used primarily in a high-traffic area. While the grit collector will raise the price of the unit, the cost is well worth the safety. When choosing a grit collector, be sure to look for one that is open enough to avoid interfering with the grinding process, especially with longer lawn mower blades.


The coarseness of the grinding wheel, known as grit, will have a significant effect on the time it takes to grind the blade, as well as an impact on how long the wheel itself will last. Be sure to choose a lawn mower blade grinder that will allow you to change grinding wheels quickly and easily should the wheel wear out, and be sure parts are available for replacement: grinding wheel systems should allow you to choose from most of the wheels on the market rather than just a select few. A finer-grit grinding wheel will generally last longer than a coarse grit wheel, but a coarse grit wheel is likely to sharpen the blade much more quickly.

Other features to look for when choosing a lawn mower blade grinder include a shop light, or a light with a long neck that can shine light on the work area without getting into the work space and limiting movement; a grit shield, usually made of Plexiglas® or similar clear and shatterproof materials; and easy adjustment levers that will allow you to adjust the angle at which the lawn mower blade comes in contact with the grinding wheel.


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