How do I Choose the Best Laundry Software?

Alex Newth

Owners of laundry businesses will find that purchasing the best laundry software helps improve workflow and makes it easier to operate the business. While each type of laundry software comes its own features that make it unique, there are core features necessary for proper utilization of the software. Offering a point of sale (POS) system, the ability to make invoices, ease of use and client profiles are all part of the best laundry software.

Laundry detergent.
Laundry detergent.

The POS system is usually thought of as a cash register, where all products and services are rung up and accounted for. A laundry POS is much more efficient than a regular cash register, because it allows the operator to enter the price for each garment — a set price can be made for each type of garment, such as jeans and shirts — and discounts can be entered automatically. It ensures that no one forgets the price of the various laundry services and it easier to use than a regular register.

Especially true for dry cleaning services, laundry software with an invoicing system is essential. Many large-order customers, such as those who are washing uniforms or outfits on behalf of a business, will require an invoice so the business will pay him or her back, or just for accountability purposes. The best laundry software should allow users to enter prices, tally any taxes for the region, and enter any other information needed for the invoice. Electronic invoices, unlike paper invoices, will ensure the math is done correctly so the customer never pays more or less than he or she owes.

Laundry software has to be easy to use, because it is there to make operating the business easier. If it is difficult to start up and use, then no one will want to use it. Purchasing laundry software that comes with clear instructions and easy-to-push buttons and can be started up in just a few minutes is essential.

Many laundry businesses have repeat customers. Laundry software that allows users to make client profiles will allow any loyalty discounts to be directly applied to the client whenever he or she makes a purchase. Even if there are no repeat customers and no loyalty discounts, another reason to make client profiles is to help keep track of laundry orders. By creating a client profile, all of the client’s contact information is stored, along with his or her laundry needs, so the order never gets confused or mixed up.

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