How Do I Choose the Best Lasagna Pans?

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To choose the best lasagna pans, you should consider what type of lasagna you plan to make and if you need the pans for personal or commercial use. There are many different pans on the market, some of which are standard rectangular pans that can easily be used to make lasagna. Some pans are a bit more unusual and can include pans that have a large cutter that can be placed in the pan to cut up slices or an ā€œSā€ shape to make the lasagna consist of one length of stacked pasta. You might also consider professional lasagna pans that may be easier to use for large-scale cooking.

Lasagna pans are typically any kind of pan inherently designed for, or can be used for, making lasagna. One of the most common types you might consider is a standard rectangular casserole dish or metal baking pan. You should look for one that is large enough for your needs and has sides that are deep enough for making basic lasagna in, without the filling and cheese bubbling over during baking.

There are also more specialized lasagna pans that you might consider, depending on your needs. Some pans, for example, include a large cutting device that can be inserted into the pan itself to cut the lasagna into a number of pieces. This makes cutting and serving the lasagna easier, though it may also be unnecessary or somewhat clumsy.


You might consider specialized lasagna pans designed to make lasagna using one long row of pasta, instead of several pieces of pasta next to each other. These pans are designed with long channels, usually in an ā€œSā€ shape that allows the pan to be a standard rectangular shape. Such lasagna pans allow you to make lasagna that retains its shape after you cut into it following baking. These pans are usually more expensive than standard rectangular pans, however, so you should consider how worthwhile they may be as an investment.

Some lasagna pans are similar to standard rectangular pans, but are made for use in professional kitchens. These pans are often larger or deeper than standard lasagna pans, so if you are looking for pans for commercial food preparation, then these pans may meet your requirements. Such pans are often quite a bit more expensive than non-commercial pans, however, so you should consider the importance of these pans for your needs.


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Post 2

I'll never make lasagna in anything but a nonstick metal pan again! I made it in a glass casserole dish. Oh, was that *ever* a mistake! I thought I'd never get that dish clean! I finally did, but I bought a nonstick deep pan and that's what I use for lasagna. It just makes cleanup so much easier. Getting browned cheese off a glass dish is a complete nightmare and I'll never try that again!

I love my nonstick pan, and I got one with handles, so I can also use it as a shallow roasting pan, if I'm doing a small roast, so I don't have to drag out my big roasting pan. Multitasking is the way to go!

Post 1

I usually make lasagna in my deep 9-by-13 metal pan. I spray the heck out of it with cooking spray before I use it, and that seems to help keep the lasagna from sticking.

I don't see the point in using those "S"channel pans. That's a lot of extra money for something I don't make that often.

If I'm taking the lasagna somewhere, I'll use a disposable aluminum pan. That's just so much easier than keeping up with a pan if someone wants to take home leftovers. Plus, it means there isn't as much dish washing, so it's a win-win situation.

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