How do I Choose the Best Laptop?

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Like many things, choosing the best laptop has to do with a number of different factors. Some of those come down to a personal choice. Those who work with resource-intensive applications are going to need a vastly different machine than those who simply want to surf the internet and do a little word processing. The key is to know what you want to do with the machine before you go shopping.

If going to a physical retail location before you go shopping, it may be best to understand that what may be the best laptop for you may not necessarily be the best laptop for the sales associate. These employees often work on a commission system. The more valuable of a product they can sell you, the more money they will make. Therefore, selling you a computer that more than adequately meets your needs may be in their best interests.

With that in mind, there is a certain segment of the population that will require a higher-end machine. This includes those people who use resource-intensive applications on their notebook computers such as gaming and drafting software. Often, these programs take a substantial amount of memory in order to function properly. Having a decent graphics card and interface will also be very important.


Other applications, such as word processing and most internet applications, can run at the expense of far fewer resources. While a high-end computer notebook will work, spending all that money for additional computing power may be a waste. In many cases, the best computer on the market may not be the best laptop for an individual. Of course, for those who want the best, there is nothing wrong with that. Just be prepared to pay the price.

Also, when looking at choosing the best laptop, screen size may also make a difference. While it is possible to hook these computers up to larger monitors, the vast majority of laptop users will never do that. Therefore, for those who will be using the computer a lot, or those who may have poorer eyesight, a larger screen may be considered a must have.

For those who have many different peripherals, it will also be important to choose a laptop that has the ability to connect them all as easily as possible. Choosing the best laptop in this case may mean looking at the number of USB ports, memory card slots, and even mini USB ports. Also, considering whether the laptop has a DVD drive may be important. While most laptops come with some or all of these things, there are many that do not.


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I would recommend going to websites with lists of the best laptop reviews, such as or These groups are generally unconnected to any one company, meaning they give reliable and honest advice about every brand's strengths and weaknesses.

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In addition to knowing your own needs and not the saleperson's for getting the best laptop computer, it's important to be aware of another person's brand loyalty, and not let it throw you. Many people, the tech-savvy especially, are harshly devoted to a certain computer company, be it Apple, IBM, Dell, or any number of others. While this makes them experts on their favorite, it does not make them the best at advising someone else, as what you want might not be what they want. For example, Apple computers work very well for someone who does a lot of graphic or art design; they might not be as good for someone who wants a computer that is extremely durable. Know your own needs, and don't let others, be they friends or salespeople, decide on them for you.

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