How do I Choose the Best Laptop Briefcase?

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There are many different varieties of laptop briefcases, also called laptop bags, that are made for transporting laptop computers. Choosing the best laptop briefcase can be as daunting as buying the laptop itself, especially if you are unprepared. For this reason, it is important to do some research and consider several factors prior to purchasing your case. For example, you should determine the amount of space you'll need for accessories, the type of material you'd like and the type of traveling you'll be doing with your laptop.

First, you will need the laptop that will be used with the laptop briefcase, or specific information about it. You may need a few minor specifications from the computer, especially if you are buying the case for someone else. The main specifications are the size and the weight of the laptop, otherwise you could be returning the case to the store if it is too small or large.

It is also important to know what other peripherals may need to be transported in a laptop case. Some are built with compartments that are designed to hold power cords, mice, speakers, and additional computer components. Others are built minimally, with the ability to hold only the laptop itself. The user may also wish to carry other items, for example magazines or cell phones, and may want additional pockets that are specifically designed for these things.

The best laptop briefcase for you will be the one that best suits your personal needs. Its purpose may be mainly to keep the computer safe from destruction. In this event, you may seek a larger case that is either extra padded, or made of more indestructible, even fireproof, material. Some are designed specifically for air travel, with rugged cases from which the computer can be removed more easily.

On the other end of the spectrum, a person might seek a laptop case that is more stylish, and may want to pay more money for a brand name that they can be seen carrying around. Some of these "designer" cases are often the same brand as the laptop for which they are used and contain product logos. Another person may simply seek a laptop briefcase that best fits the items he or she needs to transport. These handy cases can be also designed with shoulder straps and handles that are more comfortable for frequent use.

A simplified version of the laptop briefcase is called a slipcase. This is the smallest possible protective case for a laptop or notebook computer and it has little or no room for accessories. A slipcase can be very useful when the computer needs to be taken on short trips.

It is also important to note that it is a good idea to bring your laptop with you when purchasing these or other types of cases. Some may advertise that they fit your size of laptop, but this can be based solely on the screen size, or can differ greatly from an actual laptop. A quick test will confirm that the case you buy will be perfect for protecting your mobile computer.

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