How Do I Choose the Best Lanolin Lotion?

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The best lanolin lotion for those with sensitive skin is 100% pure lanolin, while those with more broadly affected dry skin who require a daily use moisturizer may prefer a blended lotion. Pure lanolin is free of added chemicals or fragrance, making it ideal for use for sensitive skin, babies, and nursing mothers. Blended lotions provide the protection of lanolin as well as the moisturizing effects of aloe vera and shea butter. These additional ingredients do somewhat dilute the primary lanolin, but are also more easily absorbed into the skin.

Lanolin is a waxy substance that is derived from the sebaceous glands of woolly animals, such as sheep. It is typically extracted from the wool of the animal after it has been shorn. This product is naturally water resistant and moisturizing. It protects skin from harsh weather conditions, and aids it in retaining its natural moisture.

Individuals who are sensitive to topical skin creams and fragrance can benefit from purchasing pure lanolin lotion. This type of cream is comprised of 100% pure lanolin with no chemical additives. It is available as anhydrous and hydrous. Anhydrous lanolin cream has a waxy texture, similar to petroleum jelly. Hydrous lanolin cream has been mixed with water and is somewhat more creamy and lotion-like in texture.


These creams provide the full protection and moisturizing characteristics of lanolin. They are not diluted by additional chemicals or fragrances, making them hypo-allergenic. This type of lanolin lotion is often recommended by doctors for use on infants to treat diaper rash. It can also be used by nursing mothers to ease the dry, cracked, and irritated skin that can surround nipples during frequent nursing. It is safe for use on both types of sensitive skin, and is not harmful if ingested by the newborn.

Lanolin's natural texture is waxy and somewhat greasy, which can be inconvenient for those working with their hands throughout the day. Blended lotions have the ability to dry into the skin quickly, while still maintaining a protection barrier against drying elements, such as weather, water, and chemicals. These blended creams may be more easily spread across the body as well, making certain formulas ideal for use over large affected areas of skin, such as sunburns, wind burns, and wide spread psoriasis.


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Post 3

@ddljohn-- There is unscented lanolin body lotion out there. Natural lanolin has a color and scent to it. They can process the lanolin and remove the scent and color, but the end result is a more expensive lotion that is not very natural.

Post 2

@ddljohn-- I think you need lanolin lotion with water in it.

I don't recommend lanolin hand lotions with many additives because they're no longer natural. Chemicals and drying ingredients like alcohol and fragrance are not going to help your dry skin. You can find natural lanolin lotion at stores which contain nothing but lanolin and water. The water makes the lotion easier to spread and skin absorbs it faster. This is the kind I use and I got it from a health food store. I highly recommend it. I used to have terribly dry, cracked skin in winter because I work outdoors. Sometimes, my hands were in such terrible shape that they would bleed. Lanolin has completely resolved this problem. Now I have hydrated, soft, healthy skin throughout winter.

Post 1

100% pure lanolin is nice, but it's difficult to spread. I had to rub it into my hands for a long time and it still did not absorb entirely. It sort of just sat on my skin. I also can't say that I like the scent much. It smells like sheep to me. I think I'm just going to get regular hand lotion with lanolin next time. I know that pure lanolin is very beneficial, but I can't use this stuff.

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