How Do I Choose the Best Lace-Up Rain Boots?

D. Nelson

Lace-up rain boots are footwear that protect your feet from getting wet. Individuals use laces, as opposed to buttons, to secure these boots to their feet. To choose the best lace-up rain boots, you should do a little window shopping first. Your aim should be to discover learn about the popular styles and average prices.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

You can also keep up with trends in style by reading reputable magazines that report on fashion. If you settle on a particular style and brand, you can benefit from comparing prices at different vendors. Some retailers might even match competitor prices.

How you prioritize durability when shopping for lace-up rain boots depends largely on the climate in which you live and how many times you plan on wearing your boots. While you should make sure that boots you choose are waterproof, it is not always necessary to pay extra for boots that have excellent durability. If you live in a relatively dry climate, or if you are buying boots to match only one outfit, style might be a greater consideration.

New and unfamiliar fashions can be tempting, but if you need lace-up rain boots that can get you through at least a few seasons, you might avoid boots that seem too current or trendy. When purchasing clothing and accessories that they can use for years to come, many consumers choose looks that are considered classic or timeless. If you want lace-up rain boots for one night and you want to make an impression, however, you might base your decision on entirely different factors.

It might also be a good idea to consider when you might wear your lace-up rain boots. A person who needs boots for traveling to or from work might choose casual boots. These might have a utilitarian look instead of a sleek or classic style. Some good vendors for these kinds of rain boots are shops where you can find outdoor and camping supplies.

Many consumers choose to shop online for lace-up rain boots. A benefit of this method is that it can be more convenient and less time consuming. Many shoppers appreciate that they can avoid sales clerks. If you decide to shop online for your rain boots, make sure that retailers have reasonable return policies. Without being able to try on boots, it is common for online shoppers to return items several times before choosing the best style and size.

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@afterall- I don't like the weird patterned ones myself. They make me feel silly. But I do like slip on rain boots, like the classic Wellington style, and they can be really durable. Some can look childish, it just depends on where you get them.


@manykitties2- I accept that slip on rain boots look like children's shoes in some ways, but that is kind of why I like them. I think someone my age ( in my 20s) can wear polka dot rain boots to add a little bright fun and color to an outfit, or something like a plain (think sort of a Burberry pattern) to add an interesting texture that is still sort of sophisticated. Not to mention that they really are so easy to use.


When I was shopping for a pair of rain boots, I was so excited to see all the different styles and colors that are available. I used to think of rain boots as being one style and dark in color.

Most of the lace-up rain boots don't even look like rain boots. I feel much more comfortable wearing these to work than a slip on pair of rain boots.

I ordered a pair of lace-up boots from Nordstrom's and couldn't wait for the next rainy day. It does take some time to get the boots laced up, but it is so much better to have dry feet.

I have some distance to walk when getting to work, and the low heel also makes them very comfortable.


I think the style of rain boots you choose depends on what you are going to be wearing your rain boots for.

I live on a farm and have more than one pair of rain boots and all of them get used throughout the year. I always have slip on rain boots for working outside because they are so much easier to get on and off.

If I was buying a pair of rain boots to wear to and from work at an office job, I can see how you would want something that was stylish as well as functional.


Lace-up rain boots can be a lot sexier than regular rain boots, and I feel they are the only choice if you want to wear something really stylish in wet weather. I really think that solid slip-on rain boots look like shoes for children and shouldn't be worn by adults, I don't care how colorful they are.

Lace-up rain boots do their best to disguise the fact that you are indeed wearing waterproof footwear. When you get them in simple black, they can match any outfit and if you want to get something a little more unique, try for rain boots that go just above the knee.


Lace-up rain boots can be a godsend if you have calves that are a little thicker than most people. It seems to me that most slip-on rain boots really only have one size of person in mind.

I run a lot and my calves are a lot more muscular than most women, which can be a huge problem when shopping for rain boots. Luckily with the lace-up variety you can really adjust the size to something you find comfortable.

If you are thinking about lace-up rain boots because your calves are wider than most people it is a good idea to try the boots on in store instead of ordering them online. While most will fit, you still don't want to buy anything with laces that look like they bursting at the seams.

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