How Do I Choose the Best Kitchen Utensil Holder?

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With the wide variety of styles available, choosing the best kitchen utensil holder can be difficult. There are holders that look like rustic pottery and others that look like pieces of steel machinery. The decor of the kitchen, the number and type of utensils that need to be stored and the size of the area where cooking takes place are all going to help determine what the best kitchen utensil holder is for a person's particular needs.

There are three main types of kitchen utensil holders. The first type looks like a small bucket and is designed to hold a variety of different spoons and spatulas where they are easily accessible. The second type is a specialized holder for just one type of utensil or only a single utensil, such as a standing spoon holder. The third type is a wall-mounted holder that uses magnets, hooks or clamps to hold the utensils in place. The one that is best for a given kitchen is really up to the demands of space and the utensils owned.

A bucket-shaped kitchen utensil holder has the advantage of being able to accommodate a wide variety of tools of various sizes. It also is mobile, meaning it can be moved in and out of an area as needed. They also are the most versatile in appearance. They can be made of a range of materials, from painted pottery to brushed stainless steel. They are easy to clean and readily available.


A single-item kitchen utensil holder can take many shapes. They provide the convenience of having a holder that is specially designed to hold and care for a single item, but they also take up much more space than other holders. Examples include vertical spoon holders and special stands for carving knives and forks.

A wall-mounted kitchen utensil holder can work well in kitchens that have limited counter space. These can be as simple as a strip of wood with hooks spaced along it or as complex as an extendible steel latticework designed to open and close as needed. In kitchens with a lot of heavy, metal utensils, there are magnetic strips that allow the tools to be placed against them and held in place, although not all metal kitchen tools are magnetic.

There also are a variety of unique kitchen utensil holders. Some act like carousels and can spin to reveal the tools on the rack. Others fold up so the utensils are not seen and then unfold when one is required. There are even fanciful, stylized designs so the utensils look as if they are part of some type of animal or outdoor scene.


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