How Do I Choose the Best Kitchen Roll Holder?

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A kitchen roll holder, or paper towel holder, is one of the small elements of a kitchen that is missed if it is not there and useful when it is. The best holder will be one that both matches the decor of the kitchen and also is functional. Some kitchen roll holders are vertical, free-standing and can be moved as needed. Others are horizontal and need to be mounted on a wall. The design of the kitchen will help to determine which holder will work the best.

One of the most basic designs for a kitchen roll holder is a simple vertical rod attached to a heavy base. These can be made from marble, wood, plastic or metal. This design is the best in a kitchen where the user might find it more convenient for the holder to be portable. It also can be the best design when there is not a clear area of wall space where a horizontal holder can be mounted.


Another type of kitchen roll holder is a horizontal bar that usually needs to be mounted on a wall. Some types stick directly out of a wall, while others are made to hang down from under a cabinet or alcove. This style of holder could be the best in a kitchen where there is limited counter space and a freestanding vertical holder would be in the way. These also are a good choice in kitchens that have a large amount of space available on the walls or under higher cabinets.

There are some kitchen interiors where the appearance of the kitchen roll holder matches the faucets or other fixtures. These holders look more like works of art than simple kitchen tools. Many are made from metal and have curved holder rods instead of a simple, straight bar to hold the paper towel rolls. The more distinctive holders use tension to hold the rolls in place or employ small knobs to prevent the rolls from falling off while still allowing them to spin freely when being used.

The material used to make the kitchen roll holder can make a big difference in how it appears in a kitchen and how it performs. The best freestanding holders will have a heavy base that allows them to withstand repeated handling. The best horizontal roll holders will have a secure method of mounting that will hold them to any wall or cabinet. This means they also need to have a firm pair of legs that can be mounted and resist the pressure that is put on them from taking towels off the roll. Materials that are sturdy but lightweight will perform best for wall-mounted designs.


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