How Do I Choose the Best Kitchen Recycle Bin?

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When choosing a kitchen recycle bin, you should take into consideration the size of your kitchen, the amount of recyclable waste your household produces, and your ability to regularly dispose of recyclable trash. You should also be aware of the possibility of vermin infestation and use a bin that can help prevent this. You may wish to visit a store that sells recycling bins and develop an understanding of the different set-ups that are available so that you can select the kitchen recycle bin that is right for your home.

A kitchen recycle bin makes it easy for household members to sort recyclable items so that they can later be picked up by sanitation crews or dropped off at a recycling center. In many cases, it is advisable and necessary to separate out the various types of trash according to the material from which it is made. This means that many households separate out glass, plastic, and paper trash by putting these items into separate bins or bags.

For the sake of convenience, you may wish to choose a kitchen recycle bin system that incorporates colors and words to indicate which container is designated for a specific material. A color-coded bin system can help prevent both confusion and discouragement on the part of family members who may have difficulties at first remembering which kitchen recycling bin to use for various types of recyclables.


If you have a small kitchen or prefer to not have to look at trash bins while in the kitchen area, look into stackable kitchen recycle bin units. Some of these units incorporate a wheeled cart so you can bring the bins into the kitchen while sorting trash and then wheel them out to a utility room or other inconspicuous place when not in use. The wheeled cart can also make it easy for you to transport the bins to your car or a roadside recycling bin.

Think about how much trash your household produces and how often you can arrange for recycling trips. Trash can attract rodents and insects, particularly if the trash once held food. To prevent this from happening, you may wish to choose recycling bins that are completely enclosed. On the other hand, if you generate only a small amount of trash and plan to make frequent trips to the recycling center, smaller bins or even tote bags, which are often very inexpensive, may work well for meeting your household’s recycling storage needs.


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