How Do I Choose the Best Kitchen Drawer Pulls?

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To choose the best kitchen drawer pulls, or handles, the first thing to keep in mind is that this hardware can make a big difference in how your cabinetry will look. Consider the style, material and color of different pulls and picture their look in your kitchen. Also consider how comfortable they are to use, their maintenance and how they'll mount into your cabinets. Once you consider many options, you can then narrow down your choices of kitchen drawer pulls.

Don't go by looks alone, but also practicality. Cabinetry handles are going to be frustrating to use every day if your hands don't fit comfortably in them. Handles should be easy to grip when opening drawers and cabinets. Think about the maintenance, rather than how drawer pulls and knobs look in the store. Stainless steel can be a great choice for quality and durability, but may show every fingerprint each time you open or close a kitchen drawer or cupboard.


Choosing a textured, or hammered, type of surface in a kitchen drawer pull, rather than a shiny one may solve the problem and keep the handles looking clean and fresh. Another idea is to consider whether a color other than silver may work in your kitchen. For example, copper can give warmth to plain white or wood tone cabinets, while black kitchen drawer pulls will add drama and contrast. It's also best to consider not just the kitchen itself, but the main style of the home when choosing cabinet hardware, as modern fixtures in a country house, or vice-versa, isn't likely to create a coherent theme.

The size and style of kitchen cupboard and drawer handles can make a difference in the look of the room. Big, chunky kitchen drawer pulls are going to have a totally different effect on the room's overall decor than slim, elegant handles. Since the size of the handles are typically going to affect the price, you may want to consider contrast instead if you're on a limited budget. Even the smallest kitchen drawer pulls will stand out dramatically if they are much different in color than the cabinetry. Black handles on white cabinets is a prime example, but any mixture of light and dark colors can work.

If you'll be replacing your old kitchen cupboard drawer pulls, matching the type of mount on the hardware is important. You'll need to match the pull screws with the holes on each drawer and cabinet front. Taking your old cabinet handles with you when looking for new kitchen drawer pulls in person can help you find the right fit.


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