How Do I Choose the Best King Bed Frame?

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When choosing a king bed frame, make sure you have the exact measurements you'll need, as not all kings are the same size. Also give some thought to the materials you prefer and that best suit your living environment. While you should pick a king bed frame you love the looks of, also make sure it offers the support you need for your mattress.

Since king size beds are so large, frame support is an especially important issue or you may find that your bed will sag in the middle. To avoid this, look for sturdy cross support beams across the center of the frame. Avoid a king bed frame with a simple cross-shaped support construction, as this may not be enough to keep the entire mattress at the same level during use. Both wood or metal cross bars can offer good support in a frame. Be sure though, such as when buying a used wooden king bed frame, that the wood hasn't warped or split.


If you love the look of a wooden bed frame, getting a sleigh or platform frame may work for you. Keep in mind that these types of king bed frames have a big presence in the bedroom due to their material and size. Light wood tones can give a bedroom an airier look than darker woods, but still a king bed is a large piece of furniture. You can make the most of it by choosing either a frame with storage drawers or a beautiful finish or details that you love. If your bedroom is smaller and you don't want your king-size bed to look as if it's overpowering the space, consider getting a frame without a head or foot board.

A metal frame with a good cross bar system and wheels can provide effective mattress support as well as allow you to move the furniture out from the wall to clean behind it. Consider the castors or wheels carefully though as some types may scratch wood floors or not roll well if your carpeting is extra dense or shaggy. Since this type of king bed from isn't that noticeable in a room, but has more of an invisible look, you can accent the wall at the head of the bed with your favorite artwork to add style.

Always have the exact width and length of your king mattress with you when shopping for a bed frame. This is especially important if you don't know whether you have a standard or California king mattress to support. Standard king-size beds are wider, while California versions are longer. Choosing a custom-made king bed frame may be an option if your budget isn't tight and if you will be able to provide the builder with the exact measurements needed.


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