How Do I Choose the Best Kids' Wardrobe?

M. Walker

Choosing the best kids’ wardrobe will involve focusing on safety, durability, design, and other factors such as size and cost. Many kids will want to be involved in the decision making process as well, especially when it comes to the style and design of the wardrobe. The best kids’ wardrobe will maximize utility with shelves and hanging sections that are easily accessible, and it will also frequently involve a creative and fun wardrobe design.

Kids' clothes should be safe, durable, and visually appealing.
Kids' clothes should be safe, durable, and visually appealing.

Safety is probably the most important feature when selecting a kids’ wardrobe. Avoid larger types of wardrobes that are top-heavy or too tall, as these could pose a safety hazard. Wobbly pieces of furniture, especially those that are raised on four legs, can also topple more easily. Sharp corners and unfinished wood that could cause splinters should also be avoided to ensure the greatest level of safety.

Focus on safety, durability and design when choosing children's wardrobes.
Focus on safety, durability and design when choosing children's wardrobes.

Those interested in buying a wardrobe should also consider the durability of the bedroom furniture. Especially if kids will be playing in the same room, a good kids’ wardrobe will resist bumps and scratches without breaking easily or falling over. Durability in terms of style and use is also important because some kids might want to repaint a wardrobe for a different look as they get older or raise a hanger bar to accommodate larger clothes.

For many kids, the design of the wardrobe will be the most important factor. Choose a wardrobe that matches the individual child’s style and the rest of his or her room. Many kids’ wardrobes can be painted in fun colors or shaped in interesting silhouettes. There is also a wide selection of wardrobes that offer extra surface space for kids to display artwork, store toys, or add other decorations. Allowing a child some space for personal expression can greatly enhance a kids' wardrobe design.

Size, cost, and the setup of the room will also determine the best types of wardrobes for a kid’s room. Measure the available space in the room to see if a larger or smaller wardrobe would be the best choice. If more storage space is needed, choosing a shorter and wider wardrobe set might help the room look more spacious than a very tall wardrobe. You should also evaluate wardrobes based on how much they cost to see if the desired wardrobe styles fall within your budget. If not, maybe consider a second-hand wardrobe that offers the same safety and design benefits.

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