How Do I Choose the Best Kids' Trundle Bed?

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The trundle bed, also called a truckle bed, is a hide-away bed that was first employed as sleeping quarters for household servants, but has since become a somewhat popular furniture option for kids’ rooms. The purpose of a trundle bed is to provide a place for sleeping, but without consistently taking up the necessary floor space to accommodate a permanent bed. This type of arrangement is ideal for kids’ rooms because it provides accommodations for the occasional sleepover. Choosing a kids’ trundle bed depends largely on the desired style and intended use.

A kids’ trundle bed can be as simple as purchasing a separate trundle and mattress to fit underneath an existing bed. The only complication with purchasing a trundle for an existing bed is whether the space beneath the bed can accommodate the trundle frame and mattress. If the existing bed is a daybed, accommodating a trundle bed is not an issue. Other styles of beds may need to be raised. Before purchasing a trundle bed to put beneath an existing bed, also consider whether additional storage will be needed to compensate for the loss of existing under-bed storage.


Often, a kids’ trundle bed is purchased in conjunction with a new bed. Captain’s beds are sometimes sold with the option of under-the-bed storage units or trundle beds. The top bed has a frame that supports the mattress, eliminating the need for a box spring and allowing room for the trundle bed to slide underneath. These beds are ideal for children’s rooms and the conversion from one bed to two is quick and easy. In fact, when considering a kids’ trundle bed, the ease of conversion may be a consideration if you want the child to be able to pull the bed out and push it back under on their own.

Since there are many different styles and colors of furniture, finding a kids’ trundle bed to fit existing décor or to create a whole new space is entirely possible, even if the selection is slightly overwhelming. It may be beneficial to include the child in the decision-making process. For smaller bedrooms look for beds that feature bookcase headboards to increase storage options and compensate for the loss of under-bed storage. Make sure the room can be arranged so that there is available floor space when the trundle bed is in use.

While trundle beds are a great way to save space and still provide sleeping accommodations for overnight guests, there are other space-saving options to consider if a suitable kids’ trundle bed can not be found. For instance, Murphy beds, bunk beds and inflatable air mattresses are alternative options that can provide additional sleeping space and are especially appealing to kids.


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