How Do I Choose the Best Kids' Sewing Box?

Tara Barnett

Choosing the best kids' sewing box requires thinking about the kinds of sewing the child is most likely to enjoy, as well as the level of ability he or she possesses. Many people choose to make kids' sewing boxes rather than buy them from stores because the elements are relatively inexpensive and easy to put together. A store bought kids' sewing box, however, often includes special character prints or unique tools designed specially for kids, which can be a benefit as well.

Kids' sewing boxes should hold simple tools like needles, fabric, and thread.
Kids' sewing boxes should hold simple tools like needles, fabric, and thread.

One of the most important parts of a kids' sewing box is the box itself. The design of the sewing box can generate a lot of interest in sewing on the part of the child. Many boxes are bright and colorful, and some include large handles and latches to make using the box easier. When creating a box at home, an adult's sewing box can be used and redecorated if desired.

The contents of a kids' sewing box are often quite similar to a box designed for adults. Sewing requires needles, thread, and fabric in most cases, and the box should contain at least some of these items for it to be useful. Buttons and other notions can be helpful in a kids' sewing box, particularly if the child is primarily interested in sewing dolls or other small toys. Since children are often interested in making stuffed animals, some form of stuffing or beans can be useful as well.

Children's projects can usually be constructed out of fabric scraps, which can be stored in the box to keep them from making a mess. Bright fabrics and scraps left over from adult projects may be appropriate for this type of box. When purchasing a box from a store, attractive character themed fabrics may be included. Matching thread is usually less important in children's projects, and a single strong type of thread may be sufficient for this type of box. Scissors, while an essential element of sewing, can be dangerous and should be designed for use by children.

Kids of different ages may require different items in a sewing box. For example, an older child might be able to work with large sections of cloth and might sew clothing or home decorations. The sewing box can evolve over time to include more items as the child tackles more difficult patterns. As such, it is often a good idea to invest in a sewing box that will last many years as the child's interest in the craft grows. While a character or child-themed box might promote initial interest, a sturdy box may become a lifelong treasure.

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