How Do I Choose the Best Kids' Dresser?

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Before you go shopping for a kids' dresser, you should determine which articles need to be stored and how much storage space is required. A kids' dresser may be available in various sizes, and may include anywhere from two to six drawers. Also consider whether you should buy a dresser with an optional wardrobe cabinet for hanging clothing. Consider the space you have to work with in the child's bedroom and take measurements before you decide which piece of furniture to buy. If you're buying a used kids' dresser, check for damage such as chipped or peeling wood.

If the dresser is for a girl, you might consider one with a mirror. Keep in mind, however, the dresser may be a bit wider and require more space. Conversely, when choosing a boys' bedroom dresser, you probably can get by with one that is less wide. This may make the most out of your allotted space, so consider one that has more height and less width.

You also need to consider the age of the child before purchasing a new kids' dresser. If you want to have this piece of furniture for more than a year or two, choose something that will still be appropriate when your child is several years older. Don't choose a toddlers' style of dresser unless you plan on replacing it in a year or so.


To coordinate with the existing furniture and decor of your child's bedroom, choose a kids' dresser or bureau that matches. If all other pieces of furniture are in oak wood, you'll want to select the same wood for the dresser. Conversely, if your child's bedroom furniture is of a laminate material, you may not want to choose a bedroom dresser made of wood.

One crucial factor in choosing a kids' dresser should be safety. If you're buying the dresser for a very young child, this is especially important. Avoid dressers or chests that have uneven or jagged edges. The corners should be smooth. If you're buying second-hand furniture, check for any defects or irregularities that could pose a safety issue.

You might want to consider purchasing an entire set for the child' bedroom. Some kids' dressers also come with a matching nightstand and headboard. Others may include a desk or storage chest. If you buy the furniture as a set, you won't need to be concerned about coordinating other pieces.


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