How do I Choose the Best Kids' Deodorant?

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When selecting a kids' deodorant, you may need to experiment a bit to see which one works best with your child's body chemistry. In other words, you might find that one brand is more effective than another. There are many products on the market that contain mostly natural ingredients, some of which are designed to control odor, but not to control sweating. The belief among many holistic practitioners, and some doctors, is that it is not healthy to inhibit the body from sweating, and therefore, many of the deodorants marketed for children do not have anti-perspiration qualities. Kids' deodorant is usually not as strong, and thereby less irritating to the skin, than many varieties made for adults. Sometimes, people prefer using natural or home-made remedies because these often avoid certain chemicals that may clog pores or cause irritation.

Occasionally, parents forgo purchasing kids' deodorant, and instead choose to blend their own, from common household ingredients. This is very easy to do, by simply combining equal parts of baking soda and cornstarch. Adding a few drops of an essential oil — like lavender — or another scent your child enjoys, can enhance the aroma of this remedy. Once combined, you should shake the mixture in a glass jar and then lightly coat a damp cloth with this blend. Gently patting the coated cloth onto your child's underarms after a shower can decrease body odors. While this will not prevent sweating, it should naturally neutralize any unwanted smell without clogging pores.


If you would rather purchase kids' deodorant, the gender of the child should be considered when making your selection. Young girls tend to prefer brands with a subtle scent, such as baby powder. Boys are often less picky about the aroma, although they probably will not like anything with a flowery or feminine smell. Some kids' deodorant is made especially for active children, which can be ideal for athletic boys or girls.

Some parents have a difficult time getting their children to perform new hygiene routines. To combat this problem, it is especially important to include your child in the decision when searching for the best product. A child is usually more likely to readily accept, and use, a kids' deodorant that he or she has personally selected. It may also help to discuss the problem of body odor with your child, while keeping in mind that he or she may be embarrassed by the sudden changes that puberty can cause.


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Post 6

@Mykol - It seems like it would be fine, but it might be easier to get your kids to use something that they had picked out for themselves. I remember that my first deodorant was - really - Teen Spirit.

That one had antiperspirant, which I no longer wear except sometimes on a really long day or when I'm traveling. I guess you probably have discovered the same thing I have: another advantage of natural deodorant is that it doesn't stain!

I thought my clothes had sweat stains, but they were actually antiperspirant stains. I used to use Crystal Clean deodorant, but I can't find it anymore and I'll use whatever I can find at the store that is just deodorant, with no antiperspirant. Tired of having to throw away my clothes!

Post 5

I didn't even realize they made deodorant just for kids. Thankfully it will be a few years before my kids are ready for that, but I know it will be here sooner than I think.

I would be inclined to want to use a natural product for them. The deodorant I use is from a health company that doesn't have any aluminum in it.

I don't see any reason why this would not be suitable for them as well. There are several natural choices of fresh deodorant without all the harmful chemicals and dyes that many of them have.

If you are using a natural deodorant, what would be the benefit of getting them something that is just made for kids? I would think a natural product would be OK no matter when they started using it.

Post 4

This can be such an awkward age for kids and getting them to use deodorant on a regular basis can sometimes be a challenge.

Since they are not used to this as part of their normal routine, they just forget. Other times, they might not think it is necessary.

If they start getting teased about it at school though, is when they really want to do something about it.

This was much more difficult for my son than my daughter. I never had to remind her or encourage her to use deodorant.

With my son, I took him to the store with me and had him smell several different scents and find one he liked best. He settled on a sport Mitchum deodorant brand that wasn't too strongly scented.

There was no problem getting him to choose one, now if I can just get him to remember to use it every day.

Post 3

@Sara007 - Our son had a similar odor problem and we just let him use some Right Guard deodorant that was advertised as being free of perfumes and harsh chemicals. It is made specifically for those with sensitive skin.

If you go to the store I am sure you can find something that doesn't have anything harmful in it.

Another option is to order some all-natural mineral salt deodorant online and have it shipped to your home. This stuff works great and is totally natural. I think if your son starts using it he'll definitely feel a lot less self-conscious.

Post 2

My son has been complaining that he is starting to get stinky while at school and I was wondering if it would be OK if I just let him use a bit of his father's deodorant?

I know that Old Spice deodorant is a bit manly, but I haven't seen any kids deodorant in the store and I don't want my son getting teased. I am assuming I am going to have to order something special online that is specifically made for kids, but until then I am hoping that a little regular deodorant won't hurt him. I am also willing to buy any mild brand of deodorant that might work in place of one made for kids.

Post 1

I personally use a 100% organic deodorant myself and I bought the same one for my daughter to use. She started complaining about bad odors recently after coming home from the playground and school.

I don't like regular deodorants because they all contain aluminum which is proven to be dangerous for health. I stopped using regular deodorant several years ago and cannot even imagine allowing my daughter to use one.

This deodorant we're using has a really fresh, kind of a minty scent. My daughter loves it and uses it after each bath and shower. She said the odor disappeared. She likes the scent too and I'm sure boys would be fine with using this as well.

So I think that any organic deodorant from organic stores or pharmacies would be fine for kids.

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