How Do I Choose the Best Kids' Cologne?

Patti Kate

When choosing a kids' cologne, avoid fragrances that contain alcohol that might dry out the skin. If possible, choose fragrances for children that are made with natural ingredients. Take your child along with you so she may try a few scents to see which she prefers. Some fragrances are suitable for both girls and boys. If purchasing kid's colognes as a gift, ask the sales associate for suggestions.

A parent should use caution when buying cologne for a child with allergies.
A parent should use caution when buying cologne for a child with allergies.

For occasions like birthdays or graduations, you might consider buying a cologne gift pack for a young child or teen. Gift packs may include an all-over body splash or kids' cologne, as well as body powder and scented soap. Use caution when buying colognes for a child with allergies. Some gift packs also feature a child's bracelet or watch, or a collectible lunch box.

Teen celebrities typically advertise colognes meant for teens.
Teen celebrities typically advertise colognes meant for teens.

Toiletries for young girls and boys may be labeled as eau de toilette sprays. This type of kids' cologne is less concentrated, so it will be less likely to cause skin irritations on delicate skin. It's not a good idea to buy fragrances for children that are labeled as eau de parfum, however, as these have a higher concentration of fragrance. When buying kids' cologne, choose a fragrance that is light and not overly done.

If you're choosing a kids' cologne for a very young girl or boy, there are various cartoon character themes you can choose from. Most young children are enthusiastic about wearing a cologne featuring favorite cartoon characters on the bottle. Never buy fragrances packaged in glass bottles for a young child. Choose kids' colognes in unbreakable plastic bottles, with an easy-pour cap.

Older children and pre-teens may prefer colognes endorsed by their favorite celebrities. Choose a cologne with the child's favorite actress, singer, or sports hero's name on the bottle. Teen celebrities generally endorse colognes that are suitable for children and teenagers.

Choose light and flowery scents for little girls. If you can't find a suitable cologne for boys, look for unisex kids' colognes that may be used by both girls and boys. Organic and all-natural kids' colognes may be purchased at specialty stores or over the Internet.

Although you can find a good selection of children's colognes online, you should shop in person whenever possible. Shopping blindly for a kids' cologne can be risky if you aren't familiar with the product. You'll find testers in many stores, allowing your little one to try the fragrance before buying. If the scent seems overpowering when tested, it might linger too long when your child wears it.

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My son started wearing cologne in high school. I have never worn it myself so when he came to me and asked me what he should wear I was at a total loss. "Uh, something that smells good" was about the best advice that I could offer.

He ended up trying four or five different scents before he found one that he liked. For a while our house smelled like a night club there were so many different smells getting sprayed into the air.

Unfortunately, cologne for kids is real, but who would ever buy something like this? Your kids are not trying to get dates. They are not trying to impress their boss. Kids should smell like kids. Getting them to wear cologne is just forcing them into adult roles that they do not need to deal with at such a young age. They have their whole lives to wear cologne. Let them smell like juice and sweat and dirt while they still can.
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