How do I Choose the Best Kettlebell DVD?

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Kettlebell DVD workouts combine easy home workouts with the kettlebell equipment. The best kettlebell DVD will feature a wide variety of workouts using your kettlebell. Make sure it focuses on multiple muscle groups. Your DVD should feature many types of kettlebell moves so that you don't get bored or overwork one muscle group. Make sure it has the kettlebell snatch, kettlebell grab and other types of weight lifting methods.

Kettlebells are popular with weightlifters and those looking to gain more muscle definition and strength. A kettlebell looks like a bowling ball with a large handle attached to the top. The weight of a kettlebell varies. It can be as light as 10 pounds or as heavy as 80 pounds. Weights range even further in both directions so you can tailor your workouts to your current strength level.

Cardiovascular workouts are just as important as strength workouts, so you also want to look for a kettlebell DVD that features light to moderate cardio workouts peppered into the program. If you don't get a kettlebell DVD that features cardio, be sure to add cardio workouts into your routine. The best kettlebell workout DVD also will feature multiple workouts. If it has both a beginner's and intermediate workout, you'll be able to use the DVD even as you get stronger and better at using the equipment.


For a good professional workout, go with a kettlebell DVD that focuses on the Russian kettlebell. The kettelbell originally was developed by Russians, so this type of DVD is a good choice if you want an authentic workout. Some DVDs will feature actual Russian weightlifters teaching you kettlebell moves.

When looking for kettlebell DVDs, factor the price into your considerations. The DVD price will be high if it comes bundled with an actual kettlebell. Without one, prices will range from $10 US Dollars (USD) to $80 USD on average. A higher price is warranted when it comes with multiple workouts and many DVDs. Consider the length of the DVD when deciding if the price is fair. A longer DVD or a packaged set of DVDs might be worth a higher price than a short DVD.


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