How Do I Choose the Best Keratin Shampoo?

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Choose the best keratin shampoo according to your hair type and the ingredients a particular brand contains. Be careful that a shampoo does not advertise that it contains pure keratin, but actually has a lot of other ingredients that may be harmful to your hair. Ask a salon stylist for recommendations or choose a shampoo based on recommendations from others who have used a good keratin hair treatment product.

Keratin is a protein naturally found in the skin, hair and nails of humans and animals. Using hair products with keratin is usually advised to keep hair in a healthy state, particularly when hair has been chemically treated or is subject to processing, such as heating and straightening. A keratin hair treatment can help restore damaged hair when used regularly. Choosing the best keratin shampoo is not always easy, but the first step toward doing so involves educating yourself on keratin products and selecting ones that contain pure keratin without other harmful ingredients, such as alcohol and formaldehyde.

Begin narrowing your keratin shampoo choices by only considering those that are relevant to your hair type. While keratin is used primarily to restore hair’s health and vitality, it is also helpful in smoothing frizzy hair strands. Asking others with your hair type for advice on hair care products containing keratin is a good idea.


Some Brazilian hair treatments are noted for containing keratin. Your stylist may be able to help you locate a good Brazilian keratin treatment. If you have friends and family members that use a keratin hair treatment, ask them which products they have had the most success with. Using the Internet to research products and read user reviews can also help you narrow your choices. Eliminate any products that you find little information on or that have received consistently poor user reviews.

While researching various keratin products, be sure to consider only those from reputable manufacturers. As well, be sure that the shampoos you are contemplating have been approved by appropriate health authorities. It is not uncommon for the protein in a keratin shampoo to be derived from animals and, unless properly tested, it is possible for keratin products to be contaminated by sick animals.

If you are planning on purchasing a Brazilian keratin shampoo, be particularly aware of the possible presence of formaldehyde in these products. When your hair is heated during the blow drying process, you and others nearby may be exposed to dangerous levels of formaldehyde gas. For this reason, it is best to buy only formaldehyde-free shampoo and keratin conditioner.


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Post 3

Where did you get the cocoa keratin online? I searched high and low but couldn't find it. They had it at Beyas, but it's out of stock now.

Post 2

@LauraStylist: Where can I buy that keratin shampoo? I've been hearing a lot about it and I just got a keratin treatment so I would love to get some. Is it online only?

Post 1

Very true, great article! My sister got a keratin treatment and we used this info to see which was the best one. We ended up ordering one online called Cocoa keratin brazilian hair smoothing treatment and wow it was worth it! It comes with its own keratin shampoo and conditioner so that was a bonus.

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