How Do I Choose the Best Keratin Creams?

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Keratin cream comes in various different forms, and the best protein treatment that you ultimately choose depends on the specific results that you want. The most common types of these creams are deep-conditioning protein treatments, which are used either daily or on an occasional basis to treat excessive dryness. Keratin straightening creams are best for wavy locks because they provide extra protection to your hair prior to using heated tools. Certain kinds of hair color creams contain this protein, and you should consider consulting with a stylist first prior to conducting this type of treatment at home. Keratin cream is available in salons, but you might also purchase quality products at better prices from drugstores or discount beauty supply shops.

Excess dryness may be treated with a conditioning keratin cream, and this is among the most common forms of this treatment used. Such products work by rehydrating your cuticle and preventing further damage from excessively dry locks. This cream also has the added benefit of minimizing frizz, especially if you have waves or curls. You can purchase a keratin cream for daily use if your hair is especially dry, or choose a brand that is designed for occasional use as a preventive measure against damage.


A straightening keratin cream is the best choice if you are looking to tame waves and curls while conditioning your tresses at the same time. These products are leave-in treatments that you work through the hair after washing, but before using a blow dryer. As the protein treatment conditions and straightens, it also protects the hair from heat damage. If you are outdoors on a regular basis, then consider looking for a keratin straightener that also provides ultraviolet ray protection, particularly if your hair is color-treated.

Some individuals with fine or damaged hair rely on color products that contain keratin because they are usually not as harsh. Most of these kinds of creams consist of semi-permanent color, which does not contain any harmful peroxide and ammonia ingredients that can further damage the cuticle. Keep in mind that semi-permanent color does not last as long as permanent treatments because such creams do not directly lighten your strands. If you plan on using keratin color products at home, you should ask your stylist for advice.

Hair salons carry a wide selection of keratin creams, and many of the products work wonders for a variety of hair ailments. If you are on a budget, you might consider looking for the same quality products at your local drugstore or from a beauty supply store. Many online shops also sell generic brands at lower prices than those sold in professional salons.


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