How Do I Choose the Best Jogging Radio?

Patti Kate

When choosing a jogging radio, decide whether you'd prefer a digital stereo tuner with plug-in earphones, or a self-contained stereo headset. The headset may feel bulkier when placed over your head, but it offers the convenience of being contained in one unit. A digital tuner will include a lightweight unit that can be clipped to a belt or placed in a pocket, along with separate earphones that plug into the radio's headphone jack. In either case, choose something lightweight for running and a model with clear reception and good range.

Jogging radios should be able to withstand bouncing up and down.
Jogging radios should be able to withstand bouncing up and down.

You should consider a few other options when choosing a jogging radio. Durability is essential, so choose a radio that is shock resistant. You need protection from constant jarring the unit may endure. If you plan on jogging in all types of weather, consider a running radio that is water resistant. Although you won't be submerging your radio in water, a water-resistant casing will shield your radio from moisture and humidity, as well as light rain.

Wireless headphones may be beneficial for joggers.
Wireless headphones may be beneficial for joggers.

Whether you select a digital tuner with earphones or a radio headphone set, the digital display should be illuminated and easy to read. This will save you the hassle of fumbling around searching for stations as you change the frequency. A jogging radio will need to meet requirements that differ from a unit made for in-home use. You'll do best with a digital tuner that is specifically designed for use while exercising. Signal strength is very important, and since you won't be able to take a test run with the headset before you buy it, inquire about this vital function.

Comfort should be a major factor in determining which jogging radio to buy. If you choose a headphone set, be sure the head band is fully adjustable. This will prevent the radio from slipping off your head as you run. If you're purchasing a separate unit with earphones, be sure the radio comes with some type of belt clip to prevent it from falling out of your pocket while running. Better yet, choose a model that is designed as an armband unit if you worry about losing your radio while running.

Consider the battery life of your jogging radio. Choosing a unit that is powered by rechargeable batteries can save you money in the long run. When buying a radio for running, you should also choose a name-brand manufacturer you can trust. For the best selection, shop at a store that specializes in electronics, music, or exercise equipment. A specialty store will offer the best selection for running radios.

It may be wise to find a jogging radio that is water resistant.
It may be wise to find a jogging radio that is water resistant.

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I have a problem with ear buds falling our of my ears while I jog. I know they make a version that goes deeper into the ear but I find these kind of painful. I like the shallow ear buds when I am sitting in a chair listening, but on a jog they tend to fall out of my ears. It gets annoying fast.


I have a little digital radio that straps around my arm while I jog. I like it better than any other jogging radio I have ever had but it is still kind of inconvenient. I use ear buds with it and I occasionally become tangled up in the cord or pull it out from the radio.

I used to have a pair of big headphones that had a radio built right in so there were no chords. But they were really big and bulky and they became uncomfortable on a long jog. If there was a way to apply this same technology to a small ear bud design it would be perfect.

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