How do I Choose the Best Jock Itch Treatment?

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The best jock itch treatment for you will likely depend on the severity of your jock itch. Most people generally try over-the-counter jock itch treatments first before seeing a doctor about their jock itch. In the majority of cases, over-the-counter medications for jock itch are effective, and no doctor's visit is necessary. If you try over-the-counter medicine and it does not work, you should see your doctor for prescription treatment. There are also a variety of different home remedies you can try in addition to other types of jock itch treatment.

Jock itch is a type of fungal infection that develops on and around the groin. Both men and women can develop jock itch, but it is typically more common in men than it is in women. Drug stores usually carry several different types of anti-fungal jock itch treatment. These treatments are often in the form of ointments and creams that are designed to be applied topically. In most cases, it takes up to 10 days before over-the-counter medications can completely get rid of jock itch.


When jock itch persists without any improvement after over-the-counter treatment has been used for more than 10 days, it is probably necessary to see a doctor about your jock itch. Your doctor will most likely prescribe a stronger anti-fungal medication than what is available over the counter at your local drug store. Prescription jock itch treatment usually comes in both topical and oral forms. Some popular topical prescription jock itch treatments include oxiconazole and econazole. Oral jock itch medications that your doctor may prescribe include griseofulvin or terbinafine.

In addition to prescription medicine, you might also have some success getting rid of your jock itch with various home remedies. Tea tree oil is a natural substance that is known for having anti-fungal properties. People often use it with great success for dealing with dandruff and other scalp problems related to fungus. If you use tea tree oil for your jock itch, you should be careful to dilute the oil first in either liquid soap or water because it can be a skin irritant if it is not diluted. Another thing that may lessen the severity of your jock itch is to keep your groin area dry at all times because fungus tends to grow and breed rapidly in moist environments.

If you want to avoid having to deal with jock itch in the future, you should take some steps to prevent it from occurring. Jock itch tends to spread easily from person to person, so you should be careful about sharing personal items, such as towels and clothing, with other people. It's also a good idea to treat athlete's foot quickly if you develop it because the same fungus that is responsible for athlete's foot can also cause jock itch. This fungus can spread from the feet to the groin area very rapidly, so it is a good idea to get rid of it as soon as possible.


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