How Do I Choose the Best Job Board Software?

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Job board software can be a very lucrative way to earn money through helping employers and job applicants find each other. Choosing the right job board software is critical to the success of the website because a poor design will not get much online traffic. Some of the aspects to consider when selecting an efficient software package are whether it allows you customize different elements, incorporates the latest technologies, and categorizes resumes and job opportunities appropriately.

A good software package allows the user to change the appearance of the job board and tailor it to meet his or her specific requirements. Some may give multiple home page templates, which is a good starting point. Customization is very important — you may prefer to customize job alerts for applicants or the search fields within the template and even customize URLs for employers. It's also handy to be able to customize employer categories according to the pricing packages.

Having the resume fields categorized greatly helps in job searches. Being able to track applications, import bulk jobs, and add and delete profiles are other essential features. Having the ability to feature companies and special jobs or assign priority to postings are other nifty features. Some employers may like receiving e-mail alerts on resumes that match their job descriptions on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. Some job board software packages offer subaccounts to employers and allow them to set permissions for each.


Other things to look for when selecting job board software are the ability to allow employers to add notes to resumes they've received for their own reference. Software that allows employers to add screening questionnaires or video files to a job advertisement could prove very beneficial. A few employers may also prefer to receive applications at different e-mail addresses, and the functionality needs to be built in to the job board software.

One of the most important features the software should have is private messaging. This allows potential employers to communicate with job applicants without revealing their contact information. Some software allows the employer to compare resumes online, which can reduce the time it takes to find a candidate. Having built-in e-mails for various scenarios makes it easy for employers to communicate with applicants. It's a good idea to choose job board software that automates the entire hiring process, making it convenient for all parties involved.

It's best to choose software that allows the administrator full control of the job board because this ensures hassle-free operations. Allowing applicants to receive customized job alerts, giving them the ability to flag inappropriate job listings, and giving them the opportunity to search jobs by location or other keywords ensure job seeker satisfaction. A good software package allows the applicant to apply for a job online, save job searches, and build a resume online by filling in the appropriate fields.


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