How do I Choose the Best Jabot Curtains?

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To choose the best jabot curtains, you should first determine the exact measurements of the window on which you plan to install them. Take measurements and write them down, so you will have them handy when you shop for your jabot curtains. You should also decide whether you want to purchase a set for your window, which may include a matching valance. If you have two windows adjacent to each other, you may be able to find a special price when you buy two window treatments for your room.

You may have a wide selection of curtains from which to choose, but before you shop, check fliers and ads for sales and advertised specials. Department stores or home goods stores may be a good place to shop, and you may also shop online. If you decide to shop at your local store, bring the window dimensions with you.

Jabot curtains may come in various materials, such as silk and polyester. Some are a blend of fabrics. It may be important to choose a set of jabot curtains that are easy to maintain. This may mean buying curtains that are machine washable and do not require ironing.


Many people prefer to add a coordinating valance to their jabot curtains. The valance adds a larger scope and a look of completeness to an otherwise small window frame. You may want to look for a set that offers the valence as a package deal. You can also buy the matching valance separately, but this may be more costly.

Check the backing of your jabot curtains as well. Some feature an insulated type material to help keep rooms warm in winter, and cool in summer. While these curtains may be a little more expensive, the investment may be worth it, as it could make your heating and air conditioning more efficient. Many of the curtains with backing are made from a micro suede material.

Another matter that may be important to you is whether the jabot curtains have tie backs. These not only add a decorative appeal, but are versatile and useful and can allow you the freedom of letting more light enter the room. Some tie backs may be a more traditional rope-and-tassel design. This works well in a Victorian or traditional decor. For more modern rooms, tie backs that use the same material as the curtains are an option.


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