How Do I Choose the Best Italian Decor?

Patti Kate

To choose the best Italian decor, shop at a specialty store that sells Italian imports, and focus on one room at a time. For inspiration and creative ideas, read the Italian editions of various decorator magazines. You might be able to find antique or reproduction Italian decor at auctions, yard sales, and flea markets, although some pieces may need resurfacing. If you prefer leather furniture, choose genuine Italian leather, not imitation or Italian designed. When decorating with Italian decor, choose earth tones, such as green, beige, and terra cotta, for accent pieces and wall borders.

A potted basil plant can accentuate an Italian kitchen.
A potted basil plant can accentuate an Italian kitchen.

It's a good idea to consult with a professional interior decorator who can offer advice. Select your Italian decor in a classic or modern contemporary style based on the design of your home. Renaissance-style replicas from 14th-century Italy can add an authentic look to the interior of your home. You can purchase coordinating pieces or buy them as an entire set.

People interested in Italian decor may want to peruse interior decorating magazines for inspiration.
People interested in Italian decor may want to peruse interior decorating magazines for inspiration.

Choose Persian rugs in warm shades of amber, gold, brown, and green. Wall tapestries or hand-painted Italian art can transform a boring white wall into a touch of Tuscan charm. For a modern Italian design, choose sleek, lacquered tables in black or white.

When decorating your kitchen with Italian decor, consider adding an Italian spice rack on the counter. Fill spice jars with fragrant Italian spices, including fresh basil. Hang an oil painting of an Italian bistro scene on your kitchen wall. To complement your kitchen with old world charm, add an Italian-style bistro table and chairs.

Consider kitchen accent pieces designed with an Italian chef theme. Pie plates, cookie jars, and dinnerware in the image of an Italian chef can complement your kitchen or dining area. If you collect vintage decanters, these too can be decorative additions to your Italian kitchen.

For the bathroom, consider adding marble counter tops and floors. Ceramic tiles are another option for an Italian themed bathroom. A pedestal sink will complement the look, especially below an Italian or Tuscan-style chandelier.

Italian decor does not have to be limited to the interior of your home. Consider Italian-style furnishings for your backyard, garden, or patio. Wrought-iron patio tables, wicker and wood lawn furniture, and large Tuscan-style ceramic pots can add a nice touch. Outdoor lighting can include wall scones and wrought iron fixtures. Romantic candle holders constructed of wrought iron make an nice centerpiece for a patio table.

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