How do I Choose the Best Italian Coffee Table?

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An Italian coffee table may be made of native Italian materials or be designed to fit in with any Italian-inspired design scheme. There are many different types and styles of Italian coffee style to choose from, making the decision process fun, if a little bewildering at times. Choosing the best Italian coffee table may depend on budget, availability, and style of decor.

Coffee in Italy is an important social affair. Sipping steamy cups of dark espresso while discussing the day or celebrating an occasion is part of the romantic image of traditional Italian life. Holding such an important place in daily society, Italian coffee tables are frequently ornate and exquisitely crafted, turning a mundane piece of furniture into a centerpiece or work of art.

When choosing an Italian coffee table, it is important to determine how the table will suit the style of decoration. Tuscan coffee tables often have a thick glass top to make spills easy to mop up, and may fit in well with interior design inspired by famed Tuscany. These tables may be problematic for people with children or animals, however, as the glass can be a hazard if chipped or broken.


One popular style of Italian coffee table features inlaid designs on the main surface. Made from differently colored woods, these beautiful designs evoke neoclassical styles and make a fantastic centerpiece for a living or sitting room. Inlaid coffee tables are often made from expensive woods, and may range in size and shape from miniature round tables to large, oval shaped masterpieces that could easily be used by many people at once.

Some other features common on Italian coffee tables include intricate carvings and gold-leaf accents. These give a majestic style that calls to mind a palace salon, and may be suitable for formal, decorative rooms. Some may include a lower level to provide additional storage room for remotes, magazines, and other common accessories, which can be beneficial in a small room.

For homemakers wishing to recall the sumptuous elegance of Venice, an Italian coffee table inspired by Venetian design may be a great choice. These are often the most decorative styles of coffee table, with heavy carvings, metal accents, and even painted surfaces. Some Venetian design, however, chooses to mimic the designs out of Italy's distant past, featuring clean lines and simplicity that compliments neoclassical or art deco styles of interior decoration.

With so many styles to choose from, it is possible to find a wonderful Italian coffee table anywhere from a garage sale to a couture furniture house. Consider visiting secondhand shops and hotel furniture outlets to look for a forgotten treasure at a fraction of its retail price. The price range for coffee tables can vary extensively depending on the material, size, condition, and maker. Since there are so many options, it may be wise to do some serious comparison shopping before settling on a final choice.


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