How Do I Choose the Best Irish Cream?

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When considering different types of Irish cream, it can be helpful to look at product descriptions for various brands and see how they differ. While the bulk of the ingredients in this type of liqueur are fairly similar, there are often differences that can make each type distinct. The easiest way to distinguish between brands and find the one you like the most, however, is to taste and compare them to each other. You might also think about making your own Irish cream, as it is fairly simple and uses ingredients that are quite easy to come by.

In comparing different types of Irish cream, look at labels and official websites for various products to compare how they are made and their ingredients. Most of the major brands have about the same amount of alcohol in them, usually around 17%, which is labeled as "34 proof." Many types of Irish cream also include unique ingredients that give them a distinctive flavor unlike their competitors. Some contain a particular type of cocoa that may give it a unique flavor different from other brands, while another may include honey and other ingredients to set it apart.


One of the easiest ways to distinguish between different types of Irish cream and find the one you prefer, however, is to simply taste and compare them. While this is not the least expensive approach, since you need to purchase each type of liqueur, you might be able to sample them at a bar or buy small sizes of them. This allows you to taste the different brands of Irish cream available, however, and find that one that best suits your palette. Like any other food or beverage, your preferences are likely to be unique and only tasting a certain brand will demonstrate exactly how much you like it.

You can also make your own Irish cream, which is typically less expensive than trying different brands and allows you to control the final flavor of the liqueur. There are a number of recipes that you can find in books or online for Irish cream, though they usually include cream, Irish whiskey, and sweetened condensed milk. Flavorings such as chocolate syrup, instant coffee, and vanilla extract are also frequently added. All of these ingredients are combined in a blender or with a mixer, and the liqueur can be stored in a refrigerator for several months after making it. You can taste the mixture and add flavors, or try different combinations in future batches, to make a final product that matches your tastes.


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