How Do I Choose the Best Inserts for High Heels?

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High heels are a popular form of footwear worn mainly by women and designed to add height, elegance, and sex appeal. This form of shoe lengthens the look of the legs by raising the heel up off the floor by a range of inches. As this creates an unnatural positioning of the feet and legs, feet can become quite painful over the course of wear. Inserts for high heels were created in order to reduce this pain and make wearing high heels more comfortable. When choosing the best inserts for high heels, you should take into consideration the type, material, and size of the insert.

There are different types of inserts for high heels. If you wear very high heels, you likely find that the majority of your pain occurs in the balls of your feet. This is caused by the majority of your body weight being pushed forward onto that area of your foot. To help this, you should choose cushions that are just large enough to support the balls of the feet with a slight extension toward the back of the arch. Toe pads also help to keep your toes in place in the shoe.


If you find that your feet are constantly slipping forward in your shoes due to either the shoes being too large for your feet or because of sweat, choose a heel insert. This prevents your heel from shifting forward, and if your shoes are too big, it also helps them to fit better. Three-quarter inserts for high heels support both your heel and arch. These inserts provide the greatest amount of support and are good all-around choices.

Three-quarter inserts improve both the position of your foot and your posture by shifting your weight from your toes back onto your heels. The result is a much more comfortable foot and improved posture that makes it easier to walk gracefully. You can also purchase full-length inserts; however, these do not tend to work as well as they generally act only to pad the foot and not to redistribute weight.

Choose an insert that is made from foam, gel, or soft rubber. Make sure that the material is soft and flexible because this cushions your foot in a more comfortable way. Stay away from stiff, plastic inserts. You also need to choose the right size of inserts for your feet. Look for a better-quality brand that comes in different sizes, and avoid inserts that you cut to fit as often the material is inferior for high heels.

Many companies produce inserts for wide or narrow feet, so shop around if this is the size of insert that you need. Also make sure to choose an appropriate size for the type of high heel you are wearing. Pads are available in shorter and narrower sizes for more open styles of heels. Finally, as with any product, try to read any independent reviews that you can to see which inserts for high heels come recommended.


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