How do I Choose the Best Insect Control?

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Insects can damage your crops, enter your home and spread diseases. These unwelcome pests can quickly become a nuisance, especially due to the speed with which they multiply. If left untreated, an infestation can occur, making it nearly impossible to get rid of the pests. There are two major types of insect control to prevent this from occurring: pesticides and pest control services. The type you choose will be dependent upon whether or not you have an infestation and the area you are treating.

Pesticides are the least expensive form of insect control. If the pest situation hasn't reached an all out infestation, it may be able to be controlled with the use of pesticides. There are over 400 different active ingredients that may be used in pesticides. There types of pesticides, include bait, water dispersible granules, soluble and wettable powders and aerosol sprays.

If you are experiencing a problem with pests in your garden or around your plants, bait may be the best form of insect control for you. It is a mixture of the active ingredient and food specific to the type of the insect you are exterminating. The bait is usually in the form of solid, such as meal or pellets. If you have children or small pets, you may want to avoid using bait, as it can be easily ingested, resulting in illness or death.


Water dispersible granules are a mixture of the active ingredient and an inert ingredient that dissolve in water. When placed in a spray bottle and shaken, it can be sprayed onto flowers and plants to control insects. This form of pesticide is often used to treat flowers and plants and, as a bonus, works as a form of weed control.

Soluble and wettable powders are also used to exterminate insects in gardens and around the yard. These powders are placed in a spray bottle with water and is applied directly to the plants, flowers and grass. Wettable powder tends to clog spray bottle pumps and, therefore, must be shaken regularly.

Sometimes pests get into the home by flying or being carried in via pets and people. This is when aerosol sprays come in handy. When sprayed directly onto the insects, or their home, it results in immediate death. Aerosol sprays can also be sprayed around the perimeter of the house or yard to deter pests from entering and making a home.

When an infestation has occurred, regular pesticides will no longer be effective. The speed with which they multiply will far exceed the rate at which they are exterminated. This is when a professional insect control service is necessary. Pest control services have a far more effective chemical that is not sold to the general public. It is sprayed in large quantities, resulting in an immediate extermination of the insects.

It is best to practice regular insect control to keep pests at bay. If insects are a problem around your residence, you can hire a pest control service to come out and spray at regular intervals. It is much easier to prevent an infestation than it is to stop one that has already occurred.


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