How do I Choose the Best Infrared Night Vision Device?

Dee S.

It is important to have an overview of the many options that are available for people interested in purchasing an infrared night vision device. For example, a person can build her own infrared night vision device or she can purchase a prefabricated model. The device can be similar to a handheld flashlight, mounted on a head strap or helmet, or even attached to a weapon, such as a gun or bow. There also are many factors to consider before purchasing an infrared night vision device, such as the weight, range, and style.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

The least expensive option for someone interested in purchasing an infrared night vision device is to build it. There are websites, stores, and books that teach people how to build the device using a few items, such as goggles, paint, and infrared lights. Typically, the plans are sold for a nominal cost and they are usually easy to follow.

Depending on the use behind the infrared night vision device, there are several different commercially available styles as well. Handheld devices are often chosen because of their ability to be interchanged with mounts for the head or for a weapon. If a person wants a handheld device, she should make sure the device fits comfortably in her hand and has finger holds that match the size of her hand. If a person knows that she only wants to use device on her helmet or head, she may opt for one that does not have interchangeability. Some people prefer to be hands-free when using their devices, in which case helmet or weapon mounts may be the best option.

Another factor to consider before purchasing an infrared night vision device is the choice between a monocular or binocular. Although both work well to see in the dark, the binoculars may be more comfortable on the eyes. Many people find that their eyes grow weary after looking through monocular devices for long periods of time.

In addition, the weight, range, and water resistance may play a role in selecting an infrared night vision device. Some devices are heavier, but they also offer consumers the opportunity to change lenses. As a result, the lenses may allow people to see longer distances at night. In addition, the range may vary significantly from model to model, although the longer the range, the more expensive the device. Some models are water resistant, and others can be completely submerged underwater.

Some models of infrared night vision devices have the ability to sense heat, allowing users to see through the dark and where a person or animal may be hiding. These devices are typically considerably more expensive than devices without the heat sensitivity option. Devices come in various colors, but black is the most discreet. Some devices show the field of view in green and black, while others use shades of black, white, and gray.

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