How do I Choose the Best Induction Cooker?

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There are a few things to consider when selecting an induction cooker, including the amount of counter width you have and the type of power supply that you are working with. Other elements, such as unit features and design, should also be taken into consideration. To begin narrowing down your options, consider your space and needs.

Using a measuring tape, measure the space where you plan on placing your cooker. As soon as you determine how much counter space you have, you will be able to narrow down the many options available to you. While some cookers won't fit at all, others will fit your space precisely. Once you have taken accurate measurements, consider the type of power supply that you have inside of your home.

While many induction cookers are capable of 400 to 500 volts, most homes cannot withstand this large amount of power. Generally, residential homes have a power supply that is around 230 volts. If you are unsure of the type of power that your home has, consult a professional electrician. While the cooker may be extremely powerful, you don't want to cause a fire by choosing a cooker that is too powerful for your home.


Next, think about the types of features that are important to you. Some cookers come with a variety of features such as touch pads, pot size indications, and other complex gadgets. Other cookers only include very basic stove functions along with two standard elements. As far as color goes, most cookers are black, though some come in various metallic colors. If you want a colored cooker, then you may be limiting yourself as far as selection goes.

Consider your budget. While some cookers are very expensive, others are entirely affordable. If you are working with a strict budget, you can find a well-built induction cooker by comparison shopping. If you do not have a budget, you can find a number of different cookers ranging from the latest stainless steel models to cookers that have five elements. Essentially, the type that you choose is up to you, though taking the time to research the various models available is a wise idea.

This type of cooker can be found in kitchen stores or online. Experts recommend that shoppers view a stove in-person prior to purchasing it, so that they can determine whether or not they like the features that it includes. It is also wise to purchase a stove that comes with an extended warranty, since these stoves are often built better than stoves that come with limited warranties.


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