How Do I Choose the Best Indoor Plant Stand?

B. Miller

The indoor plant stand you choose depends on the number and type of plants you want to display, as well as the decor of your home. Most indoor plant stands are either made of metal or wood, in order to withstand the weight of the plant or plants on top of it. A simple pedestal stand can be a great option for a single plant or an especially large plant, whereas a tiered stand can be a ideal for displaying smaller plants that would look silly on a stand by themselves. An indoor plant stand is typically a very inexpensive purchase.

Bookshelves are sometimes used as substitute plant stands.
Bookshelves are sometimes used as substitute plant stands.

Both iron and wooden plant stands can work well in a household, and they can look more traditional or more modern depending on the style. Iron stands are more likely to have decorative embellishes, such as leaves or flowers, than wooden plant stands. Of course, a wooden indoor plant stand might have images painted on it. There are many different designs to be found in stores and online, so it might be a good idea to browse around a bit before making a purchase. Choose an indoor plant stand that matches the colors used in your home, or the other types of decor, in order to ensure that it looks nice and blends seamlessly into whichever room you choose to put it in.

A plant stand is perfect for showcasing a showy plant like the ti.
A plant stand is perfect for showcasing a showy plant like the ti.

A pedestal plant stand can be a good way to display larger plants. These are often fairly low to the ground to prevent tipping over, and often just have space for one or two plants on the shelf. A tiered indoor plant stand, on the other hand, sometimes resembles a bookcase or even a small spiral staircase. These often work best for a number of smaller plants, as long as none of them are too tall. When selecting a tiered plant stand, consider how many plants each shelf can accommodate; bookshelf-like tiers, for example, can hold multiple plants per shelf, whereas tiers with circular shelves may only be able to hold one plant.

It may be possible to find more inexpensive plastic options of either type of indoor plant stand, but make sure the stand will be able to hold the weight of all the plants. Saving these options for the outdoors might be a better choice, since they can better weather the elements on a porch, for example. Handcrafted options tend to be the sturdiest plant stands, but also the most expensive.

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