How Do I Choose the Best Indoor Plant Pots?

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One of the primary concerns with having plants indoors is ensuring that soil and water do not leak from the indoor plant pots and onto the floor. When searching for pots for indoor plants, therefore, you should be careful to choose pots that are well-constructed and resistant to leaking. Many indoor pots are designed with a catch plate or basin at the base of the pot to catch any water or soil that escapes the pot itself. This will keep your floors clean and dry while still allowing for the correct amount of water for the plants.

The size of the indoor plant pots will vary according to a few factors, including the size of the plant you plan on placing in the pot and the available space in the room. Measure where you intend to place the plant and the pot to ensure you get the right size. Tabletop pots will undoubtedly be much smaller than floor pots, which means the plants themselves will often vary accordingly. Hanging pots will also be a different size and shape, and you will need to think about how the pots will hang before choosing the best pots for you. Regardless of where the pots are placed, the indoor plant pots should be durable enough to support the weight of the plant and the soil inside the pot at any given time.


Aesthetics are, of course, a concern when buying indoor plant pots. Try to choose a design that will fit the decor of the room in which the plants will be placed. This may mean matching the pots to the existing furniture, or choosing a color that is complementary to the overall decor of the room. The designs of the pots can vary, as can the color of the pots, and the best design and color is largely a matter of preference. Choose a design and color that you like, but be sure it works well with the decor of the room.

Think about the materials used to make the indoor plant pots. Be sure to choose materials that will not adversely affect the soil or the roots of the plant in any way; this means avoiding materials that may leach chemicals into the soil. Avoid materials, too, that will be damaged from the moisture in the soil. Certain types of metals and some woods can begin to rot or decay due to continued exposure to moisture.


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Post 4

I planted some indoor house plants in some cute wicker baskets. I had a liner at the bottom of the basket to protect the bottom which worked pretty well. If you don't place something like this in the bottom, the wicker will end up getting soggy and you will have a mess.

Most plants do best if there is some kind of drainage at the bottom. Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect pot that matches your decor that has a good drainage too. With some of my indoor decorative plant pots, I have even drilled small holes at the bottom and set the pot on a basin to collect the excess water.

Post 3

@SarahSon-- I had a similar problem with metal pots on a tile floor. I ended up getting rust spots where the pots had been sitting. With a little bit of scrubbing I was able to get the stains out, but this probably would not have worked so well if it had been on a wooden floor. Plastic plant pots might work better, but there doesn't seem to be as many attractive designs.

Post 2

I learned the hard way how important it is to make sure the pots you use for your indoor plants won't harm anything in your house.

I put some small pots of flowers on top of a piano, which was a big mistake. Even though I thought the pots would be OK, somehow enough moisture ended up around the bottom of the pots and left water rings on top of the piano.

I never have been able to get them off. Ever since then I am very particular about the plants and pots I keep indoors. I really don't have much of a green thumb, so I only have a couple of them now. I just make sure there is a catch plate at the bottom of the container so the water can't seep through somehow.

Post 1

I love to bring the outside inside and have a lot of plants inside my house. Some of them I put outside during the summer, but always bring them in when it starts getting cold.

For some of the large indoor plant pots I keep them on a base that has wheels on it. This makes it so much easier to move it around when I need to. I don't have to worry about hurting my back to pick it up and move it somewhere.

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