How do I Choose the Best Indoor Motion Detector?

G. Wiesen

If you are looking for the right indoor motion detector, then you should probably consider a few points before purchasing one. For instance, you might want to consider a thermal or infrared motion detector that will only pick up movement from sources that produce heat, such as living creatures. You should also look for a motion detector that is able to monitor the size of the area in which you will be using it, and you may be able to save some money by not buying one that can monitor a significantly larger area than you need. It can also be beneficial to consider an indoor motion detector that can interface with any larger system you may already have.

A motion detector may be used to deter burglars from entering a person's home.
A motion detector may be used to deter burglars from entering a person's home.

An indoor motion detector is a device, often used for home security, which is able to monitor an area and activate another system when motion is detected. These are often used for security and surveillance, and may be connected to a larger system that will allow the indoor motion detector to activate an alarm or notify security professionals when motion is detected. If you already have a home security system and are merely looking to add onto it, then you should be sure you find an indoor motion detector that will work with the system you already have in place.

You may need to purchase such equipment from the company that provides your service, though other motion detectors may work, and you should be sure of compatibility before purchasing a new detector. One thing that is worth considering, regardless of how you are going to use the motion detector, is the size of the area you want it to monitor. You should be sure that any indoor motion detector you purchase will be able to monitor the full extent of the region for which you need it. Take measurements of the room or area you are trying to monitor, so you can be sure that it will have the range you need.

This precaution may also save you money, as you can avoid more expensive motion detectors that are able to monitor an area much greater than what you need. You may also want to consider an indoor motion detector that works through infrared or thermal technology. These detectors will only activate if motion from a source that produces heat, such as a person or animal, is detected. Some infrared motion detectors will even ignore heat levels below a certain degree, so that they will not be triggered by small house pets, but will activate if a person passes through the area.

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