How do I Choose the Best Iguana Light?

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When choosing an iguana light, one important consideration is whether the model being considered provides ultraviolet light (UV) to the animal. This requirement can be satisfied by buying a good quality light, as well as putting the iguana tank in a location where its inhabitant can spend some time in natural sunlight regularly. The best style of lighting for an iguana cage looks like a long tube. It should be replaced every six months for maximum results.

The style of iguana light that provides the best level of UV lighting for the reptile is a style that doesn't have a barrier between the bulb and the animal, such as a lamp that doesn't have a glass or plastic piece in front of the light bulb once it has been put into place. This type of barrier blocks the UV rays that are necessary for the animal's health.

Since all types of iguanas are cold-blooded, they need to have a source of heat available so that they can get warmed up. A lack of heat inside the iguana enclosure means the animal will be sluggish and unable to interact with its owner. People who want to have this type of reptile as a pet need to install an iguana light that will help to keep the animal's body at the optimum temperature so that it will be active during the day.


Ideally, a good quality iguana light will be bought at the same time that the iguana cage is purchased. That way, the customer can make sure that the light being considered will work well with that enclosure. Whether the animal is a baby iguana or fully grown, great care must be taken to make sure that it receives the right level of light during the day.

Iguanas do not need to be under the light at all times. Ideally, the iguana light will be on for approximately 12 hours each day. The rest of the time, the iguana cage should be dark to mimic the cycles of day and night found in nature.

Some of the UV light that an iguana experiences can come from natural sunlight. These animals can be taken outside to enjoy the sunshine. An owner must be careful to keep a close eye on the iguana while it is outside so that it doesn't go missing.


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