How do I Choose the Best Ideas for Decorating a Small Bedroom?

B. Miller

The best ideas for decorating a small bedroom include being very deliberate in making your choices, and making efficient use of space. When you are trying to choose the best ideas, it may be a good idea to look at many different decorating magazines, or to shop around at different stores, yard sales or flea markets to determine what types of decor you like. Don't just purchase the first items you see; instead, when decorating a small bedroom, try to consider not just how the decor will look in the bedroom, but how it can contribute usefulness or work together with other decor to create a cohesive design.

When decorating a small bedroom, consider buying a streamlined platform bed that complements a sleek, uncluttered room.
When decorating a small bedroom, consider buying a streamlined platform bed that complements a sleek, uncluttered room.

Keep in mind when decorating a small bedroom that decor can be practically useful as well as aesthetically pleasing. When space is limited, this is especially important. Furniture and shelves, for instance, are some of the main parts of the decor of a bedroom, but are also very useful. Consider the appeal of installing different types of shelving or bookshelves throughout the room, which may be used to display decorations as well as hold items such as books, clothing, or memorabilia. Shelves can potentially reach all the way to the ceiling, where items that are used less frequently may be stored.

Attending flea markets may be one of the best ideas for decorating a small bedroom.
Attending flea markets may be one of the best ideas for decorating a small bedroom.

When decorating a small bedroom, it is important to choose items that work well together without overwhelming the room. For instance, you will probably not want to choose a huge cabinet or armoire in addition to a large bed. Choose one or two items that are the largest pieces in the room, then stick to smaller items for the rest of the room. Of course, not all decor needs to be functional when decorating a small bedroom, and you may also want to choose different pieces of art for the walls, or even make one of the walls a focal point of the room.

You may choose to do this by painting one wall a different color than the rest, perhaps in a bolder or brighter color that may be too strong to use throughout the room, but which could look nice as a focal point. Trying to think of a theme when decorating a small bedroom can be helpful; for instance, you might choose to focus on travel, and use travel prints to decorate the walls. Sticking to items within one color family is a good idea when decorating a small bedroom; for instance, the curtains on the windows and the pillows and blankets on the bed should generally all come from within the same color family.

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Having a small bedroom can leave you with some decorating challenges. I would make sure that you don't have a bigger bed than you actually need. The king size beds take up a lot of space, and if you don't need a bed that big, that would be the first thing I would scale down.

There is not shortage of room decorating ideas from magazines, to many popular home shows. Having a small bedroom to decorate can also be easy on the budget, so that is a big plus right there.


One of the best things to remembers about a small bedroom, is that the fewer things you have in there, the more space you will have. If you let the room get too full of stuff and clutter, you will be constantly frustrated.

There are several publications made for decorating in small spaces giving you many unique ideas and designs to use. Making optimal use of storage is one key factor. The more organized you can keep your things, the more space you will have to work with and give your space a much more relaxed feel.


If you have a small bedroom, spend time looking at bedroom decorating ideas in magazines. You will find many helpful tips that you should be able in incorporate in your room and theme.

Using mirrors in a small space always gives the illusion of a larger space - this can be true in a small bedroom also. The color of paint you choose will also make a difference. The darker the color is, the smaller your walls will seem. If you choose a light color, this will make it appear that you have more space.

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