How do I Choose the Best Hypnosis Software?

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Choosing the best hypnosis software is largely a personal decision because different software is effective for different purposes. Some people choose software that is highly customizable, while others want hypnosis only for a single purpose. Most of the time, hypnosis software offers options that include visual hypnosis, auditory hypnosis, and sometimes a combination of the two. When using hypnosis at home, it is important to be monitor progress, as there is no hypnotist who can stop the procedure if it gets out of hand.

Usually, the way hypnosis software works is by having the user first record a desired message. That message is then transmitted subliminally back to the user using auditory channels, sometimes aided by visual relaxation techniques. The software handles the more complex problems with hypnosis, such as how to format the desired information. Whether the software is effective depends not only on how well it codifies a person's message, but also on how receptive the user is to hypnosis.

The best hypnosis software is highly customizable so that each user can get the most out of each session. Customizable software also allows for users to make changes to the message over time. Some hypnosis software is designed so that the user can design an entire hypnosis regimen, taking notes and reflecting on the experience along the way. It may also be able to offer suggestions depending on what works and what doesn't.


One consideration when choosing hypnotic software is how much the user trusts the software. A hypnotist is bound by ethics, but anyone can produce software and include negative messages, which will be part of the hypnotic experience. A person may get frustrated with software that does not work effectively, which can frustrate the process of making the positive changes a person desires. Even though free software is readily available, software that comes with customer support and other helpful materials can often be a better option for people who are just starting out with hypnosis.

No hypnosis software will effectively hypnotize other people without their knowledge, nor is it likely to send subliminal messages to others that will result in action. This is because hypnosis, in general, does not work effectively unless the person understands what is going on at a conscious level. A person must be receptive to the experience and ready to make the desired changes. Hypnosis is effective in part because it represents a commitment to making the changes specified by the hypnotic message. Even so, it is not a good idea to have negative ideas within someone's hypnotic sessions.


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