How Do I Choose the Best Hunting Decor?

Lori Kilchermann

You can often find the best hunting decor by shopping at flea markets, auctions and garage sales. Many times, worn-out outdoor sporting supplies can be retrofitted into hunting decor. For some of the larger items, such as couches, chairs and bedroom furniture, sporting goods superstores and catalog outfitters typically sell camouflage and animal print household furnishings that work well as hunting decor.

Antler art is the most common form of hunting decor.
Antler art is the most common form of hunting decor.

If you use your imagination, a worn-out duck blind can be turned into a home bar surround, and a pair of old boat oars make very good accents for a fireplace. You can often find several good items to be used as hunting decor at your local flea market or thrift store. You might be able to haggle on pricing and save a lot of money by using this type of resource as a supplier of hunting-related objects. One tip when shopping for hunting decor is to have a common theme in mind as you shop. This will allow you to purchase similar items to complete a deer hunting theme, a duck hunting theme or just about any general theme pertaining to hunting-related supplies and objects.

Occasionally, hunting decor can be found at garage sales.
Occasionally, hunting decor can be found at garage sales.

Sporting good auctions are also very good for locating discount hunting supplies that can be used for decorating a room or an entire home. Damaged canoes can be cut in half and fitted with shelves so that the unit becomes a nice display stand when stood in a corner. With a little imagination and some mechanical know-how, old outboard boat motors can be placed on motor stands and wired to become lamps. An auction also is a great place to purchase items that can be repurposed, such as empty shotgun shells that can be fastened together to make curtains or a similar item. Even old hunting dog items, such as dog boxes, can be made into night stands or end tables.

You can occasionally find hunting decor at garage and yard sales at very discounted prices. If you want to purchase only new outdoor and hunting-related decorating items, however, you could shop at one of the large discount hunting supply stores. These large sporting goods superstores not only sell hunting and fishing supplies, they often sell home furnishings, such as living room furniture to bedroom suites that are adorned with the most popular outdoor-themed material. You also can find smaller hunting decor items in these superstores that can give an authentic outdoors and hunting camp feel to your home in the form of signs, lampshades and light switch covers.

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My living room has camouflage furniture, because my husband and daughter both love to hunt. I really didn't expect her to catch the hunting fever, but she has taken after her father.

The big couch is covered in an olive green, brown, and gray camouflage pattern. My husband's recliner has the same pattern, but my daughter's chair is covered in hot pink camouflage.

She also has a purple and black animal print comforter on her bed. While she appreciates hunting décor, she does prefer brighter colors than regular camouflage. I can't blame her for that, and I'm actually glad she has added some color to the house.


@cloudel – I have seen some pretty cool storage racks made from antlers. All you have to do is play with the layout and twist them around to fit into each other, while keeping in mind that you will need a big curve to hold items.

I was looking through a home décor magazine the other day, and I saw a spice rack made from deer antlers. This one had several small curves just big enough to hold spice bottles, and the base was fairly even so that it could sit upon the kitchen counter.

Another idea is a magazine rack. For this, you will need to roll up the magazines. You can choose to make either wide or narrow spaces.

The great thing about making racks from antlers is that you don't have to worry about having anything symmetrical or perfect. The beauty lies in the variations.


My boyfriend has a large collection of deer antlers, and he wants me to do something creative with them. I am a little bit clueless as to what I can do.

I have seen some pretty cool chandeliers made from deer antlers, but I have no idea how to wire the lighting, so I'll stay away from that. I need some ideas that are fairly simple and do not involve electricity.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have quite a big stack of antlers from all his hunting excursions, and he would love to use them to decorate his living room.


My husband loves to hunt, and he is also an artist. This led him to decorate his house in hunting décor before I met him.

He did make a shelf from a canoe, but instead of cutting it in half, he only cut off just enough of the bottom tip to make it sturdy. This gave him more room for shelving.

He has a couple of artistic light switch plates, too. One is is the shape of a deer head, and another is shaped like a duck.

When we got married, I really didn't want to move into a house full of hunting décor, but he was so emotionally attached to it that he couldn't leave. So, I made him a deal. I would leave the living room and dining room alone if he would let me redecorate the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

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