How do I Choose the Best Human Growth Hormone Spray?

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The best human growth hormone spray is one that is effective yet safe to take without any harmful side effects. There basically are two types of sprays, which include sprays that contain 100-percent natural ingredients and sprays that contain small amounts of the human growth hormone (HGH). Reputable human growth hormone sprays can be labeled as an HGH secretagogue, an HGH booster, an HGH enhancer or as a homeopathic HGH. Not all sprays work the same, because they contain different ingredients, and therefore, a spray that works for one individual might not necessarily work well for another. A healthcare provider can help determine the best spray for you.

The body naturally produces HGH in the pituitary gland and releases it into the bloodstream. As one ages, however, the production slows down, and the body begins to age. A human growth hormone spray can help slow down the aging process as well as help maintain strong bones and muscles. As a result, it is often used in bodybuilding supplements and in anti-aging therapy. The sprays are a safe alternative to anabolic agents, which are injected and can cause serious side effects.


Some HGH sprays contain small amounts of a synthetic HGH, also known as somatropin. There have been claims that these types of sprays do not work, because the HGH molecule is too large to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Some brands, however, have mixed the synthetic molecule with a solution that helps transfer the molecule into the bloodstream, thus making it effective. Many sprays do not contain the growth hormone but consist only of natural ingredients such as amino acids, herbs, vitamins and minerals. Their role is to simply provide the pituitary gland with the proper nutrients to keep it working effectively.

When deciding on purchasing a human growth hormone spray, look for one that is produced by a trusted brand, because there are some brands that are less effective. A trusted brand will be able to deliver positive testimonials of previous customers. Another thing to investigate is how long it takes for the average user to see results and whether there are any known side effects reported with the spray. Ingredients play another role, because you might not want the artificial HGH and thus might choose to go with a more natural product.

A human growth hormone spray usually is administered underneath the tongue, where it is readily absorbed into the bloodstream. The sprays work best when taken in a smaller dose in the morning and in a larger dose in the evening. People who are pregnant, have certain medical conditions or are taking medicines might want to check with their physician before taking a human growth hormone spray.


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Post 2

@Terrificli -- You are sort of missing something when it comes to human growth hormone. If you are dealing with true growth hormone (which is a drug) then you are talking about something that can only be obtained with a prescription in the United States. It is also worth mentioning that a lot of organized sports ban the use of the growth hormone drug.

But, when we are talking about human growth hormone spray and other things that are freely available without a prescription we are not talking about something that has the actual growth hormone drug. No, we are talking about primarily dietary supplements with a bunch of amino acids and other things.

Post 1

Wait a minute. I thought human growth hormone was as tightly controlled as steroids because it can be abused in a similar way. Am I missing something here?

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