How Do I Choose the Best Hot Lather Machine?

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When choosing a hot lather machine, you may want to consider a combination hot lather and gel machine, so you can alternate between your favorite applications. Read the packaging to ensure your favorite brands are compatible with the hot lather machine you choose. Heating times may vary with different models, as does maintenance and ease of use. Look for quality construction, and avoid a machine built with flimsy parts. Whether you prefer an electric or rechargeable hot lather machine, choose a compact model that includes a travel pouch if you travel frequently.

When selecting your hot lather machine, read the packaging to compare various features. Some of the heating systems may include interchangeable nozzles for heating cream, lotion or gel. In addition, the packaging should state whether the machine includes a manufacturer's warranty. A toll-free customer support telephone number can help if you have any questions or concerns.

There are other features you might want to look for when purchasing a hot lather machine. To protect the motor against corrosion, be sure the casing is made of a durable material, such as stainless steel or another strong metal. Plastic casing may warp over time, or possibly crack when it becomes very hot. For these reasons, it's a good idea to inspect a display model before making your decision.


To save time with shaving tasks, you might want to select a hot lather machine that heats in a minute or less. Some machines heat to higher temperatures than others, which may also influence your decision. A hot lather machine that includes a ready indicator light can help take the guesswork out, and let you know when your lather is ready to apply. You may find that some models include variable temperature settings, which is another convenient option. Additionally, be sure to obtain full user instructions and follow them carefully before use.

Do not overlook important safety features when choosing a hot lather machine. The heating elements on the outside of the unit should not become overly hot to the touch. An automatic shutoff switch is a helpful feature that may prevent the unit from overheating. Another important feature to look for is an Underwriter's Lab (UL) seal, stating that it is UL listed for safety assurance.

Although most hot lather machines are designed for home use, there are some small, lightweight models that are portable. If you travel frequently, you might prefer a compact model to take along with you. This type of machine is often available with a recharging base for convenience. Some models offer the versatility of operating either on household current or by using the included charger.


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