How Do I Choose the Best Hot Dog Sausages?

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There are many reasons for wanting to choose the best hot dog sausages. These include a personal choice about what to eat for dinner or choosing which sausages you want to serve friends and family members at a barbecue or offer to customers. The key to picking the right hot dog sausages is matching expectations with the right sausage. Factors to consider include the type of meat, the size, flavorings such as herbs and spices and how healthy the hot dog sausage is.

Many stores and supermarkets offer basic packs of hot dog sausages. These tend to come in packs ranging from six to dozens of sausages. They also tend to be cheaper than deluxe or specialized sausages. The quality of these sausages varies from retailer to retailer, but they are a good bet for people who are looking for a cheap meal or need to cook sausages in bulk. Regular and uncomplicated sausages also are good for sports fans and late-night revelers who are looking for a snack.


The downside of regular pack sausages, for a number of consumers, is their natural taste and relative unhealthiness. Again, this varies from retailer to retailer, but health conscious people should check the packaging of each product before making a purchase. Hot dog sausages that are low in calories will have less fat — and therefore more meat — which also makes them taste better to many people. Many cheap sausages, however, will replace the fat with extra salt, making them equally unhealthy, so check the salt content, too.

Although they traditionally are made from pork, hot dog sausages come in many varieties. This means that if your tastes are more geared toward beef, chicken or turkey, there are hot dog sausages for you. Check with local retailers and butchers for different types of sausage. There also are varieties that are made with vegetarians and Muslims in mind. The former contain no meat products whatsoever, and the latter have no pig-related products.

Sausages that are more expensive tend to have more additions and flavorings, so you can really match your tastes with the right product. If you want spicy, then look for sausages that have been filled with spices such as paprika and chili, or if you want something more exotic, look for sausages that were made with apple, quail and other unusual ingredients.

It also is important to match your hot dog sausages to their toppings. A spicy hot dog goes very well with other spicy ingredients, and a hot dog sausage that has a unique flavor often requires a simple bun that won't distract from its taste. Simpler hot dogs can be combined with various toppings, such as onions, mustard and ketchup.

Hot dog sausages also come in a full range of sizes. Small sizes such as mini sausages are excellent for kids’ parties when combined with foods such as mini pizzas and mini burgers. They also go well with finger sandwiches. Regular hot dogs are good for selling in restaurants and hot dog stands or for cooking on the barbecue. Jumbo and other giant sausages can be bought as an option on the hot dog stand/restaurant, for people who have a large appetite or those who are up for a challenge.


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