How do I Choose the Best Hot-Cold Gel Packs?

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An essential tool for relieving swelling and increasing blood flow, hot-cold gel packs come in a variety of styles and varieties. There are several factors to consider when choosing a gel pack. For instance, you should determine the size that is suitable for your needs. You should consider where you will be using the gel pack and whether portability is an issue. Hot-cold gel packs come in disposable and non-disposable varieties, which can also play a part in your choice.

One of the most important steps when choosing the best hot-cold gel pack is to determine what size hot-cold gel pack is right for you. For example, if you are looking for a hot-cold gel pack that can be used on a knee, ankle, or other relatively small body part, small to medium sized hot-cold gel packs can be used with relative success. If, however, you need to treat a larger surface area, such as your entire back, your quadricep, or another large body part, look for larger hot-cold gel packs. Using hot-cold gel packs that are too small for the affected area will not provide optimal treatment results.


Another important consideration to keep in mind when choosing hot-cold gel packs depends on the location at which the hold-cold gel pack will be used. For example, if you are including a hot-cold gel pack in a first aid kit for use during hiking or sporting events, it should be of an "instant" variety that can be opened and immediately used. In contrast, if you are planning on keeping the hot-cold gel pack at home, packs that require more intensive heating or cooling are acceptable. Be sure to read the instructions for use carefully in order to achieve success.

Next, consider whether or not you want a disposable or a non-disposable hot-cold gel pack. For best results, instant hot-cold gel packs should be used on occasions when several different people may have access to the same pack. If, however, you are the only one who will use the hot-cold get pack, a non-disposable pack will be sufficient. As when determining whether or not the hot-cold gel pack is of an instant variety, read the directions on the pack in order to determine whether or not the pack can be used over and over, or if it should be disposed of after use.

Set a budget when purchasing a hot-cold gel pack. Typically, such packs are relatively inexpensive, and if you plan on purchasing one for your personal use, can buy one at a reasonable price. If, however, you need to purchase several hot-cold gel packs, you may need to compare prices before making a final decision. Be sure to visit several different sporting or home improvement stores in order to find a hot-cold gel pack that fits your needs and is of an appropriate price.


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Post 3

@fBoyle-- If you purchase a hot-cold gel pack with a fabric cover, or if you put one on yourself, the heat will last much longer. But make sure to put it on after it has heated up.

Post 2
@fBoyle-- I had a similar problem with a hot-cold gel pack. When you're buying one, make sure that it has good reviews. Reviews will give you a good idea of whether the product is high quality and whether it's effective.

I think that most hot-gel packs work better as gel ice packs. They don't damage as easily when they're frozen. If you have an old microwave that doesn't heat evenly, that might be the problem as well. Some hot-cold gel packs can be boiled in hot water to heat up rather than microwaved. You might want to buy one like that if you're going to use it as a hot pack most of the time.

Post 1

I'm looking for a good quality hot-cold gel pack.

I had one but it didn't last very long. I mainly used it for heat therapy and I microwaved it to heat it up as the directions said. After the third use, the plastic cracked and the pack became unusable. I wasn't happy with it anyway because it wouldn't heat evenly. Sometimes it would burn my skin and sometimes it was barely warm. It didn't stay hot longer than thirty minutes anyway.

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