How Do I Choose the Best Hospital Shoes?

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Having the right hospital shoes is an important consideration for anyone employed in this type of workplace. Before making a selection, the worker should ask whether the hospital has specific guidelines for footwear worn while on duty. Shoes worn in the hospital should be easy to clean, have non-slip soles and be made of breathable materials. A good hospital shoe should be lightweight and comfortable.

The hospital or clinic's dress code will specify whether there are restrictions on the type of shoes that staff can wear on the job. Some hospitals specifically ban wearing open-toed footwear due to concerns about the spread of infection. There are a number of hospital shoe choices which meet this requirement, including clogs, running shoes and footwear designed for nurses.

Since leaving the floor to change shoes in the middle of a shift is not practical in many cases, a person working in the medical field needs hospital shoes which can be wiped off easily if something is spilled on them. If a spill does occur, the upper portion of the shoe should not readily absorb the material. Hospital shoes with a leather upper is ideal for this purpose and since it breathes, the wearer's feet will say comfortable while on the job.


Good hospital shoes will have non-slip soles. A buyer should make a point of examining the treads on the shoes before buying them to make sure that that the footwear will provide sturdy footing and not slip easily, even if the wearer steps into a spill on a tile floor. Choosing a hospital shoe with this feature means that the wearer is much less likely to end up a patient due to slip and fall injury.

Standing for long periods of time is part of the job description for doctors, nurses, orderlies, pharmacists and others who work in the health care field. Wearing comfortable hospital shoes while on duty is very important. Some people working in this field make a point of only wearing footwear which doesn't have laces so that the shoes can be put on and taken off quickly, if necessary.

Before choosing a hospital shoe, the wearer should consider its weight, as heavy footwear will only feel more uncomfortable throughout a shift. Finding a lightweight shoe to wear at work is worth the effort of the hospital staffer is able to perform his or her duties without focusing on leg and foot fatigue.


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Cross-training shoes are also great for hospital staff because they are comfortable and lightweight. They help to ease back and foot pain, too.

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My sister works in a hospital, and has a variety of hospital shoes in different colors. Though hospital staff members use to be required to wear white shoes, this is not the case in most hospitals anymore. My sister has found that shoes in bright or dark colors are best for work because they do not show dirt and stains like white hospital shoes do.

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