How do I Choose the Best Homeopathic Remedy for a Bladder Infection?

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The best homeopathic remedy for a bladder infection is often a combination of several natural treatments. Many people find drinking large amounts of water or cranberry juice, taking cranberry pills, or taking herbs like Oregon-grape or sarsaparilla to be effective treatments. It is important to start your homeopathic remedy for a bladder infection as soon as you begin to notice symptoms. If the natural methods do not seem to lessen the effects of your infection, you should contact a doctor as soon as possible. Be sure to contact a doctor if at any point you find significant blood in your urine, even if your pain has decreased, or if you begin to experience pain in your lower back, as this could be a sign that the infection has spread to your kidneys.

During the start of a homeopathic remedy for a bladder infection, it’s important to refrain from drinking anything that contains caffeine, alcohol, and table sugar. Since a bladder infection is caused by bacteria in the bladder, foods and beverages such as coffee, soda, and alcoholic beverages will essentially feed the bacteria. As a result, the amount of harmful bacteria in the bladder will increase, worsening the infection. Spicy foods should also be avoided, as they could potentially cause irritation of the bladder or increase the pain and burning sensations that are commonly associated with the infection.


For a mild bladder infection or urinary tract infection (UTI), often the first and easiest treatment method is to drink extra water. Not only will water dilute the urine and potentially offer a mild decrease in pain, but it will also act to flush the bacteria out and prevent further bacterial growth or spreading. Water is also cheap and readily available, making it a common first step in creating a homeopathic remedy for a bladder infection.

Cranberry juice and cranberry pills are also common treatments for mild UTIs and bladder infections. Cranberries contain proanthocyanidins, which are plant chemicals, and fructose, a special type of sugar, which are effective when combined to limit bacterial growth on the inner surface of the bladder. When choosing the right cranberry treatment, it is important to only purchase pure cranberry juice because cranberry juice cocktails have large quantities of sucrose sugar, or table sugar, that could actually make your bladder infection worse.

Herbal remedies such as Oregon-grape, sarsaparilla, and cantharsis are also used in combination as a homeopathic remedy for a bladder infection. Oregon-grape serves as an antibacterial agent, while sarsaparilla is an anti-oxidant, and in combination they are effective for moderate infections. For severe infections cantharsis is sometimes used, but since it could potentially worsen bladder inflammation and burning, it is generally considered a last resort. If the above treatments do not work, it’s important to contact a healthcare provider as soon as possible, as your infection might require the use of antibiotics instead of natural remedies.


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