How Do I Choose the Best Home Theater Riser?

A. Leverkuhn

Individuals who are looking for the best home theater riser need to understand the wide spectrum of models that are available on the market, and how each type of riser is used in a specific home theater setup. Prospective buyers need to be able to choose the best materials, the best total weights, and the best sizes and setups for these variable installations. Quality is a major factor, but for theater risers in the home, specific issues of use and home layout usually predominate.

A Blu-ray® player for a home theater.
A Blu-ray® player for a home theater.

Overall, the buyer needs to think about the specific goals of the home theater riser equipment. One issue is whether the risers will be sat on directly, or whether the user wants to put furniture on top of them. Many home theater riser models are made so that sofas or other seating can be set on top of them, to provide better viewing for those in the back of the room.

Risers may be used to help improve the view of a home theater screen from the back of the room.
Risers may be used to help improve the view of a home theater screen from the back of the room.

When considering the total build weight of home theater risers, buyers can also evaluate durability and quality of materials. The best home theater risers often have a frame built of sturdy steel or other metal. Some items with durable plastic parts can be effective, while inferior riser sets often have weak plastic that can break easily.

In addition to materials, buyers should look critically at what specific features they want on home theater risers. Many of these items are carpeted for convenience. Some include extra features like drink holders and other simple impressions for storage. Some of the best home theater riser designs include electrical outlets, to make arranging the electrical components of a home theater much easier. In addition, buyers can look at models that have specific designs for multi-channel audio speakers for more sophisticated home theater setups.

Along with all of the above, it's critical for the buyer to look at issues of installation and storage. The best home theater riser is either semi-permanent, or offers easy solutions for storage. Inferior riser products that require massive amounts of time for set-up and take-down can add a lot of unneeded hassle to the home theater design. Buyers who consider how and when they want home risers to be in use will be able to choose the best designs for their particular indoor spaces.

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